Former UFC welterweight and MMA legend Pat Miletich was on Submission Radio recently to talk all-things MMA, particularly to discuss the UFC’s welterweight division and the recent shakeups (with a new champion being crowned and all, as well as the return of GSP and Nick Diaz) but more importantly to talk about what he thinks of the Conor McGregor-Nate Diaz rematch.

When asked if McGregor could compete against the top welterweights in the UFC today should he beat Diaz, Miletich offered a very sharp response.

“No, he [McGregor] is going to get his ass beat by Nate [Diaz] again,” said Miletich. “And even if he were to get lucky and beat Nate, he fights guys that are cut down. Some of the guys that are fighting at 170 are cut down from 200-215 pounds. You’re talking skull fractures from guys like that.”

Miletich obviously thinks McGregor will not be able to handle such a stark jump in weight class. Although his bout with Diaz is at welterweight, Diaz does not naturally compete at this division. Instead, Diaz is more well-known for his work in the UFC’s lightweight division, so Miletich does have a point.

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“The 170-pounders who walk around at 200-plus, could punch a heavyweight on his jaw and knock him out,” Miletich added. “These are explosive, very strong guys who if Conor McGregor even remotely attempts to take them down, he’s going to get shut down. And if he gets hit with a three-punch combo, he’s going to the hospital.”

You couldn’t tell from what Miletich said however, that he was actually a McGregor fan. Miletich went on to acknowledge McGregor’s contribution to the sport of MMA.

“I will say this though. Conor McGregor has sold the sport. He’s sold himself. I think he’s brought some of the Chael Sonnen WWE from Ireland into it, which is great. More power to him, I love the guy actually,” he said, before offering his take on the fight.

“I think Conor is going to come in very motivated, bigger, stronger but he’s not going to be able to hurt Nate.”

McGregor faces Diaz in a highly-anticipated rematch at UFC 202 which takes place August 20 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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