WATCH: Spiderman Uses Jiu Jitsu To Defeat Bully In Street Fight

There’s nothing worse then a bully, well actually there is, racist bullies are possibly the WORST kind. Using someone’s ethnic background to try and pick on them is probably the lowest form of human interaction.

Especially given all the events of the past few months, let alone the last 10 years, racial tensions across the planet are reaching a peak. Videos of young black men shot to death by police have let to riots in some states, and even murder in extreme cases like the Dallas sniper.


After news of two young men dying in police custody spread like wildfire, this former Army sniper took to the Dallas city with a rifle in his hand. He was later killed by police using a remote controlled robot bomb.

So with all of these twisted and saddening events happening nationwide, it’s probably not a great time to be taking racist potshots at your fellow man. It’s probably even worse to do it in a crowded City street filled with onlookers carrying mobile phones.


The subject of today’s article is insane for many reasons. The culprit is a rather cocky man who makes quite a terrible remark to another man who is dressed as Spiderman. The result of this interaction turns out to be quite awesome.

Hint: Just because someone is dressed like Spiderman doesn’t mean they can’t kick your ass…

Continue to watch Spiderman kick some ass…

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