The UFC game has expanded dramatically in recent years. Consequently, many bookmakers have a section for the game in their sportsbooks. Unlike ball games, MMA and UFC matches are scored in bouts, and there is always a grey area that might affect the predictions. Therefore, when betting on the game, it is important that you understand it well and make your analysis well to win some cash.

TPP noted that betting on UFC is appealing to most punters due to the relaxed rules and a wide range of disciplines. Some of the games include karate, judo, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing, among others. Here are five factors that you should keep in mind when betting on UFC games.

1. Consider the Weight Divisions

There are two categories in UFC: the women’s and men’s categories. Each of these categories comes with different weight classes. Men have more weight classes than women. While the rules are the same, the performance of different athletes in these classes may be different.

Some of the popular classes played in many UFC bouts include featherweight, lightweight (70.3 kg), middleweight (83.9 kg), and heavyweight (120.2 kg). In the women’s category, the highest weight class is featherweight (65.8 kg). Most bookmakers separate upcoming bouts into weight classes for easy selection.

Weight also affects flexibility and speed, which are important aspects of the bout. It is important to check the weights in the upcoming fight and if any of them have participated in a different class.

Most of the UFC fights are planned months before they take place so that the athletes can train effectively and manage diet. Therefore, it is possible for one to move from one weight class to another.2

2. Know the Best Market to Bet in

There are several markets available in UFC betting. When making your analysis, you should consider the best possible markets depending on your odds and the price of each market. You can consider the following markets:

Fight Winner

This is the most common market. You win if your selected fighter wins by disqualification, KO/TKO submission, or decision.

Fight Outcome

Here, you choose the winner and the manner in which they will win the fight. So, you choose if they will win by disqualification, decision, or submission.

Round Betting

In this market, you determine who will win the fight and the round in which the win will happen. Title fights are limited to five rounds, while the rest are limited to three.

Total Rounds

This market allows you to determine the number of rounds that the fight will take. It is more of an over/under market where you predict the number of rounds, whether it will be fewer or more. It does not include the winner of the fight.

3. Know How the UFC Bouts are Decided

According to the rules, UFC fights can be decided in either of three ways, including via finish, disqualification, or decision. A finish can be made by a KO or TKO decision. A player may also be disqualified for several reasons, including illegal strikes and failing to meet specific rules.

Most of the bouts are decided by decision followed by KO/TKO submission. Less than 1% of the bouts are decided by a draw (called no contest) and disqualification. Therefore, when betting, it is important to limit wagers on either of the two last options.

There are usually three judges that officiate a UFC fight. They use a 10-point system to decide the winner of each round. These points are added up to find the winner. The winner might be awarded unanimously or through a split decision. Judges look for such issues as striking power, grappling, fighting area control, and aggression. A good fight in any of the areas may be neutralized by a poor one who shines in all of them.

4. Where Do You Get Value Bets?

Unlike in other sports, UFC fighters only get to play around three to four times a year. Therefore, the stats and other fitness data available might not be reliable. Therefore, you need to be a little innovative to get value in the market.

To maximize value, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, watch a few bouts and get to know the game that your player plays. The style of fighting goes a long way in determining whether he or she is likely to win.

Has the player had any injuries or conditions that may limit his current performance? What is the general feeling among experts in the UFC marketplace? Compare the likely performance with that of the opponent before making a decision.

5. Learn to Interpret the Odds

UFC odds differ from those of baseball and horse racing. Most bookmakers will give you a choice of fractional, decimal, or American odds from which you can pick your preference.

Moneyline odds are the most popular with American-based sportsbooks. They determine the amount you need to bet to earn £100. The unfavorable odds denote the favorite and show the amount you should lay to earn £100. On the other hand, the positive figures show the amount you win by betting £100.

On the other hand, the decimal odds give the amount you will win when multiplied by your stake. For example, if a game has odds of 1.85 and you bet £100, it means that you will be making £185. It is easy to calculate the profit by deducting the total win from the amount staked.

When betting on UFC fights, keep in mind the categories of the game and weights, odds and markets, and how they are scored, among other factors. This will help increase your chances of winning.

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