Tito Ortiz is Not Impressed With Chuck Liddell’s Delay in Signing His Contract… 

Last week MMA fans around the world were either delighted or horrified by the idea that their hero Chuck Liddell was coming back out of retirement. The 48-year-old former UFC light-heavyweight champion announced his return on the MMA Hour. He’s set to be the face of Oscar de la Hoya’s new promotion, GoldenBoy MMA.

After the shenanigans of last week, you can hardly blame Tito Ortiz for feeling a little bit left out. The news that he would be fighting the ‘Iceman’ in a trilogy fight was met with a resounding ‘meh’. Sure, people will tune in, but let’s face it. As soon as Jon Jones’s name was mentioned, everyone jumped on that story.

Now it turns out that there is another twist in the tale. Liddell may be officially back but according to Ortiz, he hasn’t even signed the contract to fight yet. Could there yet be more drama in this story? Or is it just hot air?


Ortiz aimed a direct tweet at Liddell, signally in no uncertain language that he’s impatient for his geriatric – I mean legendary – nemesis to sign his end of the deal. That’s good because it means it could actually happen. He said:

@ChuckLiddell what’s taking so long? You said,” you like punching me in the head and it’s an easy fight for you!” Let’s get it done! #TitovsChuck3 #REDEMPTION #fireandice #GoldenBoyMMA”

Someone clearly needs some money. It will be fascinating to hear how much these two have been offered by de la Hoya for this one. Let’s not forget that they are both legends and pioneers of MMA. Without either of these men – particularly Liddell – mainstream MMA would not exist like it does today.

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Good Reason

There could actually be a very good and rational reason why Liddell hasn’t signed his contract yet. He could actually be waiting to get reissued his professional license first. Maybe he doesn’t want to sign onto something and then have it all blow up in his face.

The California State Athletic Commission has said that they have no problem giving him a license as long as he can prove that he is both mentally and physically fit. Both of these elements are important because even if he has somehow improved, he lost five of his last six fights.

Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports.


The pair has already fought twice before, with Liddell winning both by TKO and KO. It’s not exactly the most inspiring trilogy in the world. If Ortiz wins, what sense of achievement does get by beating a 48-year-old? Well, the pocketful of cash probably makes up for it.

All joking aside, let’s hope both men get through this one relatively undamaged. Liddell got knocked out four times in his last six fights. Chins just don’t grow back. It’s going to be interesting to see how de la Hoya promotes this one, and how it is broadcast. Many MMA fans will tune in. Will you?

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