Wow, it looks like the TJ Dillashaw ‘snake’ craze is alive on social media again…

Now this is something to talk about in the lower weight divisions! UFC bantamweight champion, consensus pound-for-pound number one Demetrious Johnson has beef with his employers right now.

During a highly unexpected and shocking statement earlier today, ‘Mighty Mouse’ revealed all. Taking aim mainly at UFC president Dana White, Johnson exposed what he called ‘bullying and unfair treatment’ by the UFC.

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson is no longer a company man…

Johnson Shreds Dana White

Out of nowhere, Johnson revealed a dirty laundry list of worrying conversations with Dana White. Here’s the details, which includes the reason why DJ has refused to fight TJ Dillashaw:

UFC Matchmaker Mick Maynard called and offered the fight vs. Ray Borg. I thought [Sergio] Pettis was a more marketable name and on a longer winning streak. Mick went back to Dana, then came back and told us that I had no choice, it was going to be Ray Borg, not Pettis, and there were no other options. That was the command from Dana and company. This would mean that my only chance at PPV points at flyweight was vs. Ray Borg.

I said OK, but it’s not fair to make that my only chance at PPV points, when Cody Garbrandt is saying he wants to come down and fight me at flyweight, which was the fight I wanted. We told Mick that to be fair we would take the fight, but [we] want PPV points for future fights at flyweight.

Mick thanked me for accepting the fight, knowing that I was being screwed over and mistreated by Dana and Sean.

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I wanted a reason for not being allowed any future PPV points. Sean Shelby called and told us how smaller fighters don’t sell, that UFC can’t make stars of anyone, and that a fight between Cody and I wouldn’t be a sellable fight. We disagreed. I think a fight between Cody and I would be popular if it was even given a small serving of the marketing efforts put into other big fights.

Completely unrelated — and after the accepted fight vs. Ray Borg — Cody Garbradt injured his back and TJ Dillashaw said he wanted to fight me. Dana told me he wanted me to fight TJ, which I disagreed with for multiple reasons. First, TJ has never fought at flyweight and is unlikely to make the weight, which would then eliminate the possibility of breaking the title defense record.

Second, they have already told me that a fight between Cody and I wouldn’t be sellable, so fighting TJ would have no monetary upside. Third, TJ is not a flyweight or a current champion in another weight class and was KO’ed by the flyweight whom I beat twice already. Last, Ray Borg and I already agreed to the fight, which UFC tyrannically demanded, while denying me any future PPV points.

After telling Dana my reasons, Dana angrily told me that I am fighting TJ, once again, with no other option or say in my career, and against the plans we had previously laid out. He went on further to say that if I didn’t take the fight against TJ, and drop Borg as the opponent, he would get rid of the entire flyweight division. He said, this is for TJ and I’m taking away TJ’s opportunity. That fact that he feels that what I should do in my career is for TJ, tells where his priority lies.

Dana put up an interview stating that it was “insane” that I didn’t want to fight TJ, that “he makes the matches and that is the match he is making,” and, “You tell me why DJ doesn’t want to fight TJ,” trying to make it as though I am scared or ducking TJ Dillashaw.

TJ Dillashaw, of the MMAAA (Mixed Martial Arts Athletes Association) appears to have sided with Dana White on this saga. Looks like Dillashaw may have earned a few new enemies and a few less fans after this reaction:

Reaction From TJ’s Instagram

Mini Mouse or Mighty Mouse? Don’t be scared! This is the fight game, I’ve takin title fights on 24hrs notice. I’m already waking up at 143lbs, on my way down to put a squash to this hype. You want to call yourself the Goat then what do you have to be afraid of?! @mightymouse125

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