Wow…Did not expect to hear this from Tony Ferguson of all people…

Since coming of age in the UFC, lightweight Tony Ferguson has been on fire. Winning season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter back in 2011, Ferguson has tasted only one defeat in 13 fights for the promotion.

Currently riding a nine-fight win streak, ‘El Cucuy’ is the number one contender at 155 pounds. Unfortunately for Ferguson and the other top lightweights, it’s a complicated top end at 155.

With Conor McGregor in the wind, seeking the biggest payday any MMA fighter will see, lightweight is messy, at best. With Khabib Nurmagomedov and Nate Diaz both absent, Ferguson is sat on the sidelines.

Tony Ferguson is the current number one contender at lightweight, but with no belt in sight, he’s growing frustrated…

Ferguson’s Message To McGregor

During a highly surprising interview with, Tony Ferguson threw a huge curveball. Having absolutely blasted McGregor in the past, ‘El Cucuy’ actually commends McGregor, albeit with some advice to improve his boxing skills:

“I have to say that Conor’s boxing is not up to par,” Ferguson said. “It is not up to par to how Mayweather’s boxing is going to be. … I’ve got to give him the benefit of the doubt: Stay hungry, stay on that (expletive), try to knock his ass out. Mayweather, the same thing – Conor is going to try to knock you out, dude, so both of you boys are going to have your hands full. Better train your asses off. We want to see a good fight. If I’m going to spend my money on it, I want to see a good fight.”

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“Conor is not going to lose anything off it because he’s taking a chance in another sport, and I have to give homeboy credit, because that’s cool, I was always a multi-sport athlete when I was younger, and this right here is dope. I would love to box, to go into GLORY and I want to kickbox.”

“I don’t like sitting on the sidelines, I like to stay active. With Conor, you have to step up your boxing skills. You’re messing with a lion in there. MMA is a completely different sport. You are a striker, son, not a boxer. This is boxing. You’re not going to be able to go in there and strike. It’s a different sport and a different animal.”

“Win or lose, I think Conor is an athlete; I think he’s going to have it in his head that he’s not going to have to sit on the sidelines,” Ferguson said. “I see it in Conor’s face, I see it in his mannerisms that he’s hungry, that’s he’s always going to want to dig to try and get the bigger, better picture. He’s made that money, so maybe he’s not trying to look after the money part. He wants to secure that legacy and he wants to go down in the books.”

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“I say if you want to go down in the books after your boxing match, come over to MMA and test it one more time. You have to test it one or two more times against top-notch competitors. People that make the weight, that show up.”

“Handle your business, come back to the UFC. We’re all going to be sitting here waiting, watching, and make that money, do your thing and don’t be scared. Come back and play that game a little bit more. I would hate to see that talent go to (expletive). You’ve got a lot of talent, you’ve got a lot of energy, and come back and use it in the 155-pound division. Let’s fight over that belt, baby. Let’s go.”

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