Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight fighter Josh “The Fluke” Grispi was arrested in 2014. One police officer describe the arrest as stemming from “the worst case of domestic abuse I’ve ever seen.” Since his indictment, Grispi has been held in prison without bail, starting at Barnstable County Jail in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Grispi’s long dragged trial recently concluded this past week. And the former athlete was dealt a near six-year sentence.

Josh Grispi was a former UFC fighter

Authorities from Middleboro County were called to the fighter’s home on August 1, 2014. This was allegedly due to Grispi’s mother-in-law dropping by the police station with graphic pictures of her daughter as evidence of domestic abuse. Once police arrived at Grispi’s home, they interviewed his wife Kaitlyn and investigated the area. Police uncovered 2 rifles, 3 handguns, and an automatic rifle. They also discovered that Grispi did not have a license to carry or own the guns.

This led to police slapping Grispi with a domestic assault and battery charge, as well as gun charges. Shortly after, Grispi’s wife Kaitlyn was able to procure a restraining order against her estranged husband. Grispi posted bail. In a sharp turn of events, Kaitlyn Grispi decided against extending the restraining order because she believed her husband would change for the better.

She was apparently very wrong.

Grispi was jailed for domestic abuse charges

Police were alerted to Grispi’s home once again 3 days later, responding to an emergency 911 call from Grispi’s neighbor. According to reports, Grispi’s neighbor had been hiding Kaitlyn after she fled a violent attack from her husband, as well as the dog.

The incident stemmed from a situation when Grispi became furious after not being able to locate a stack of wood. Scared of what Grispi was capable of, Kaitlyn escaped their house and hid under foliage. That’s when Grispi noticed Kaitlyn and according to reports, clutched her forcefully and dealt repeated strikes to her head. He then forced Kaitlyn back inside the house. Inside, the assault continued as Grispi shouted, “Do you want me to kill you?”

Grispi then unleashed his bull terrier named Buddy onto Kaitlyn, which bit her on the leg multiple times, an attack Grispi had trained the dog to do apparently. Grispi has also allegedly choked Buddy unconscious on multiple occasions. Kaitlyn was able run away from home and reach the neighbor’s house where they proceeded to call the police. While all this was happening, Grispi’s two children were residing with their grandparents.

Grispi previously fought in the UFC, losing 4 times

Authorities then proceeded to arrest Grispi and hit him with assault and battery charges, as well as a litany of other offenses. During the trial, Grispi also faced charges related to his conduct while in prison. After several hours of jury deliberation, Grispi was found guilty. The following charges applied:

Seven counts of improper storage of a firearm. Five counts of assault and battery. Two counts of threatening to commit a crime. Eight counts of witness intimidation. Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Malicious damage to a motor vehicle. Attempt to procure perjury.

Grispi fought in the UFC from 2011 to 2013, losing all of his fights.

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