This Was an Absolute Travesty for the Sport of MMA… Khabib Nurmagamedov and His Team Will Face Consequences for Horrific Post-Fight Scenes at UFC 299…

Mayhem broke out in Las Vegas last night after Khabib Nurmagamedov defeated Conor McGregor. The pair were fighting in the culmination of their rivalry, which reached its worst point last April. McGregor ended up in a Brooklyn jail cell but was finally set to fight in the T-Mobile Arena and resolve their beef the old-fashioned way.

Nurmagamedov defeated McGregor via 4th round submission in a dominant performance that silenced the Irish champion. It was his 27th straight victory and his record remains unbeaten. That should have been the main talking point after this fight, especially as his name was in lights in mainstream media around the world.

However, things took a very nasty and chaotic twist after the Russian sparked one of the worst MMA brawls we’ve ever seen. This was absolutely embarrassing for the sport and people are going to pay very badly for this one. We’ve managed to get four separate clips so you should see this carnage from a number of different angles.

Wild Brawl

From the footage above you can see that after beating McGregor, who sits prone and resigned on the canvas, Khabib exchanges words with the Irishman’s jiu-jitsu coach Dillon Danis. Whatever was said sparks a fury in the Russian, who immediately scrambles across the cage and climbs the fence.

Feet First

He jumps into the crowd and launches himself at Danis. The New York native understandably defends himself, but that escalates everything and suddenly there’s a wild brawl. Both teams are involved, with security and the Las Vegas sheriff department arriving on the scene.

Sucker Punch

To make matters worse, an almost oblivious McGregor was then sucker-punched by Khabib’s teammate Zubaira Tukagov. Tukagov was set to fight Artem Lobob in Canada next month, but you can guarantee that fights gone out the window now. It was a cheap and despicable shot. Regardless of how you feel about McGregor, there’s no honor in landing a blow like that.

It was absolutely idiotic of him as well. He’s just coming off a 2.5 year USADA suspension and has now basically ruined his UFC career. We’ve seen the likes of Paul Daley sacked for doing that after a fight, but at least he could blame adrenaline. Tukagov had so much ground to cover to get that far.


This was absolutely a joke. As a young sport that has had some negative connotations in the past, MMA did not need this. Especially not with a record number of people watching it. Khabib Nurmagamedov is going to face some consequences for this one. It was worse than Nashville with the Diaz brothers.

It also meant that Nurmagamedov wasn’t able to be awarded his belt and have his hand raised. So questions will surely be raised about what consequences the Russian and his team will face. This was a terrible end to a fantastic night with some excellent fights. A real pity.

Mike Tyson said it was even worse than his…

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