Footage Has Emerged of a Hairdresser Who Was Furious a Client Didn’t Pay For Her Weave… Time For Some Street Justice…

A good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold. They make you look younger, more attractive and keep you well groomed. You’ve got to show loyalty to your hairdresser or they’ll never forgive. And one thing you should never do is walk away without paying for your new do.

That is twice as important if you’re a woman. Guys, it’s absolutely insane how much money women will spend to change the color of their hair and get all sorts of mad stuff done with different torture instruments. They’re willing to spend a fortune.

So if you walk away without paying for your new weave, then things are going to end badly. So a dubious client found out in Nigeria the other day, as the video footage below will show.


The video was shot in Ekpoma, Edo State in Nigeria. A hairdresser was understandably furious after a client got her hair done, and decided she wasn’t going to pay for it. She surely did not expect the aggressive and violent reaction that she then received.

Instead of letting her client just stride off with a new head of hair, the hairdresser decided she was having all the weaved threads back. She charged at the other woman and literally tried to rip them out of her head. It was wild carnage – a very nasty scene indeed. She could be heard shouting:

“Give my hair ooo give me my hair.”

Screenshot: Instagram


Needless to say, a pair of young women fighting is going to attract an audience. It sure did and they were taken aback by the ferocity of the wronged hairdresser and the ‘slay queen’ who refused to pay up. One man decided that he had enough of this and intervened.

Did he step in between the two women and push them apart? Did he shout at them to stop? No, he most certainly did not. He took the belt out of his trousers, waded forward and swung it viciously at the two of them, connecting with the hairdresser. Several onlookers protested and tried to push him away. It was a vicious and over-the-top reaction.

Screenshot: Instagram.


One thing is certain: Nobody came out of this video looking good. The hairdresser is quite frankly a bit of a psycho, even if you feel sympathy for her losing money. The ‘slay queen’ (what is that?) is clearly a nasty piece of work stealing from hardworking people.

Even the guy who intervenes is a dangerous idiot, who just loves the opportunity to swing on a woman. Guys, don’t get involved in street fights. They pretty much always end badly for all involved. And then you’ll end up on the internet and have people commenting about you.

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