WOW… This Was an Outstanding Performance by Khabib Nurmagamedov, as he Went 27-0 and Defeated the Notorious One to Consolidate His Status as the Best Lightweight on the Planet…

Khabib Nurmagamedov is a terrifying human being. The Dagestani sambo fighter proved that he is the true lightweight champion of the world after forcing Conor McGregor to tap in Round 4 of their headline fight at UFC 229. After all the pre-fight drama and insanity, it all came down to this.

It was a wild night in Las Vegas with some exceptional fights. There was no doubt that Khabib v McGregor was the bout we were all waiting for, as it was rightfully billed as the biggest MMA fight of all time. Could the slick stand-up and boxing of McGregor do what 26 opponents had failed to do against Khabib? Before coming into this one, the Russian had never lost a round.

This fight didn’t go all Khabib’s way, but he showed a champion’s resolve to come back and prove that all the money, glitz and glamour in the world just can’t change your skill level. He’s made of different stuff.

Excellent Fight

It was a very good fight from beginning to end. The UFC went all out with the pyrotechnics, adding to an already insane atmosphere. It actually started pretty well for McGregor. He stepped forward and was considerably slicker with his hands. He was able to stuff a few takedown attempts from the Russian fighter, but soon he was on the ground. However, Khabib wasn’t able to land any significant strikes from top position. Many commentators were split between giving the round to McGregor or Khabib.

There was no such doubt in the second. This was peak Khabib. He unexpectedly blasted the Notorious with a right hand, dropping him. Then he got McGregor back down on the ground and made the former double champion’s life a living hell. It was brutal, with hammer fists, elbows and downward strikes blasting the Irishman’s head. It was all he could do to hang on and survive the round after Khabib went in for a kimura. A 10-8 round for Khabib.


McGregor wasn’t done yet though. He’d been through the maelstrom and wisely decided to listen to his corner and let Khabib bring the fight to him. Round three was almost entirely spent on the feet and McGregor’s slickness – despite his obvious tired state – clearly gave him the advantage on the feet. The third went to McGregor.

However, the championship round was where it all went wrong for the Notorious. He started ok, landing with a couple of strikes, but was swiftly brought back down to earth – literally – and then gave his back up to ‘The Eagle’. The nightmare situation came to be, and Khabib was able to lock in the rear-naked choke, forcing McGregor to tap out.


Nurmagamedov is now without a doubt the best lightweight fighter on the planet. He’s just stretched his record to 27-0. The hype is real. There were absolutely despicable scenes after the fight, which will take the gloss off his victory over the most high-profile opponent he’ll ever face.

Khabib Nurmagamedov is the king of the 155 lb division, ladies and gentlemen.

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