Conor McGregor takes a break from training to meet Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (Screenie from

Portuguese professional football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo met with “The Notorious” Conor McGregor recently at the UFC Gym in Las Vegas to spend some time inside the cage with the UFC featherweight champion.

After the two groups exchanged pleasantries, Ronaldo had a brief word with McGregor who is currently in training for a highly-anticipated rematch against Nate Diaz set to take place a little less than a month from now.

Conor McGregor greets Jennifer Lopez a happy birthday.
Conor McGregor greets Jennifer Lopez a happy birthday on Instagram. J-Lo is a resident of Las Vegas where McGregor is training, so it’s no surprise that they have crossed paths.

Among the topics of conversation were Jennifer Lopez, McGregor quipping a joke about how he has overtaken Ronaldo on Forbes magazine’s highest paid athletes list (Ronaldo sits at #1 with an estimated $88 million while McGregor sits at #85 at an estimated $22 million)… and how McGregor wants to own a private jet like his buddy CR7.

Ronaldo gets pretty excited talking about his own personal set of wings, showcasing the disparity in wealth between the two athletes. Sure McGregor is a millionaire, but he’s no Ronaldo.

The bits about J-Lo were pretty funny too, as the two exchanged laughs.

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