This MMA Fighter’s Reaction To His Video Game Character Is Priceless

By Salvador Sanchez
This MMA Fighter’s Reaction To His Video Game Character Is Priceless

Ever wondered how your favorite MMA fighter might react to seeing their video game character? This UFC veteran’s reaction is so crazy…..

The video gaming industry is full of unique concepts and platforms for users to explore and experiment with, but no genre is perhaps more constant or popular than that of sports games.

NBA, NFL, FIFA, Madden & Tiger Woods are just a few types of sports video game that have been a big hit in recent years, but there have been a few MMA based games that have become classic gaming.

The UFC Undisputed series came with it’s fair share of glitches, and who can forget the vintage Pride FC game that took the Japanese MMA scene on to video game glory? So what of EA MMA?

Well, it was popular, but let’s be honest, it was nowhere near the level that many had hoped for. The game did have a number of decent playback and replay sharing options, as well as some cool characters to unlock, but lacked a realistic feel when playing.

Players such as Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture gave big name weight to the video game, and UFC veteran Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller also provided plenty of fun for fans of the cooky JMMA star.

Back to the case in point, ever wondered how a fighter would react to seeing their character for the first time?

The video in question shows one well known face react to seeing how low his character’s skill level is on a popular MMA game, and it’s awesome!

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