WBC Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury has revealed that his super-fight with Anthony Joshua is booked for August 14 in Saudi Arabia. Although both of their promoter’s have not announced officially, it is still good news that we might potentially see a new undisputed heavyweight champion.

The heavyweights are one of the most premiere division in Boxing, mainly because of its history. There were a lot of all time great boxers that were on the heavyweights, names like Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Mikey Tyson, Lennox Lewis and many other more boxers that paved the way for the boxers right now.

Muhammad Ali. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

As for Anthony Joshua, he also has not announced regarding his fight schedule. We all know both champions want to clash as it will not only have the title of being the undisputed champion but it will also potentially give both boxers their biggest payday and do note that Joshua already has huge payday in his past fights.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY

Many fans are still not that excited because the source may be unreliable but there is no doubt that this is the fight to make. It has been quite a while since we have seen an undisputed champion, many wanted to see Wilder vs Joshua but it never happened.

There is a reason why most accomplished cruiserweight champions move up, it is mainly because most fans want to watch the heavyweights clash rather than cruiserweights. A good example is Oleksandr Usyk, he was already the undisputed champion but he vacated it to move up and challenge the heavyweight crown.

One thing for sure, everyone wants to see Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua super fight happen within the year. It is clearly one of the biggest fight to make right now, and both are champions and as they say “one face and one name”.


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