Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier congratulates the NEWLY CROWNED CHAMP

Two of the UFC’s best lightweights just gave their congratulations to the new UFC lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira. With such an amazing performance by Oliveira, it is hard not to complement his heart, given he faced major adversity in the first round.

Coming to the fight, Michael Chandler has said that Oliveira has shown before that he quits in fight which shows lack of heart and his striking is not well polished. Ironically, Oliveira showed tremendous heart by surviving the barrage of strikes and went on to win by landing technical strikes. It was one of the least likely ways for Oliveira to win, which makes it even more impressive.

Dustin Poirier who supposedly the front-runner for the vacant belt, given his resume. He was coming off a knockout win against Conor McGregor and his last loss was against retired lightweight champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov. Instead, Poirier was willing to step back and let Oliveira and Chandler fight for the vacant belt.

Poirier did not even throw shade by saying he is still the best lightweight outside of Khabib but instead congratulated Oliveira for the well deserved win.

Conor McGregor who is looking to get his revenge against Dustin Poirier, also congratulated Oliveira for the great performance but he did indicate that he is aiming to get the belt eventually saying who will be the 12th lightweight champion?

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