Some very emotional footage of the two former champions at UFC 217 has now emerged. Garbrandt and Jedrzejczyk had very different reactions to being finished…

Featuring a change of champions in three divisions, UFC 217 was the thrill ride of 2017. With the successful return of Georges St-Pierre alone, the event would have been a hit, but the stars really did shine on this special night.

After a somewhat lackluster year for the promotion, UFC 217 needed to shake things up. With belts on the line at middleweight, bantamweight and women’s strawweight, the pay-per-view card delivered on a spectacular scale.

Aside from the GSP submission win over Michael Bisping, we saw Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Cody Garbrandt hand over their titles at 125 and 135 pounds, respectively. For his first title defense, ‘No Love’ was up against his bitter rival TJ Dillashaw.

Although he nearly had Dillashaw finished in round one, ‘The Viper’ came back with a brutal barrage to end Garbrandt’s tenure as champion.

TJ Dillashaw was fired up after his victory over Cody Garbrandt at UFC 217…

The Night of Fallen Champions

Rose Namajunas, the quiet girl with a fiery heart, faced one of the greatest female champions ever. ‘JJ’ ramped up the trash talk beforehand, but ended up getting her face splattered across the canvas in round one.

In a duo of equally emotionally charged videos, both Jedrzejczyk and Garbrandt are seen reacting to their losses at UFC 217. This footage was not aired and comes courtesy of ‘Fight Affect’ on Youtube.

First let’s watch Joanna’s reaction, as Garbrandt’s has a little more story to it:

YouTube video

Tough Pill to Swallow For JJ

Regardless of how you feel about Joanna, that’s a hard clip to watch. As for Garbrandt’s immediate reaction, there was a lot of emotion involved, but also some anger where there wasn’t in Jedrzejczyk’s video.

With audio thrown in, you can actually hear Garbrandt saying he wanted to go ‘out cold’ before they stopped the fight with Dillashaw. You’ll also notice the confrontation with an unseen individual after the fight, which we’ll explain below:

YouTube video

After so much trash talk, slandering and steroid accusations, it’s no wonder there was heat after the fight was done. Aside from Dillashaw screaming in Garbrandt’s face, ‘The Viper’s’ brother threw some shade at Garbrandt.

That was who ‘No Love’ was screaming back at towards the end of that clip, and it didn’t finish there. Later, during the post-fight press conference, Dillashaw explained his brother had to be escorted out by security.

“No, it was my brother,” said Dillashaw. “My brother was in my corner and, like I said, he was very offended by some of the things and accusations and the way that some of my really good friends – that I thought were – have treated me. He’s an emotional guy and he loves me more than anybody I know and he was just backing me. And all he said was, ‘What?!’ And he had to be escorted.”

As we see three new champions after UFC 217, the question is now-who comes next at 185, 135 and 115?

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