Hafthor Bjornsson is a specimen. The Icelandic weightlifter was also a basketball player before he decided to focus on lifting heavy objects. But he’s best known in the mainstream for his role as Ser Gregor Clegane or “The Mountain” in Game of Thrones.

Indeed, despite the fact that Bjornsson was actually the third actor to play the character, he’s become synonymous with the role. He even carries the nickname with him today. When you’ve got an Icelandic name that’s not surprising.

Now Bjornsson has achieved his greatest feat yet by breaking the world deadlifting record. You can check out below how he managed this ridiculous accomplishment. Just be glad that you’re not the chef who has to keep him fed.


Britain’s Eddie Hall was the only previous man to lift 500kg. Bjornsson took it upon himself to go one better. He started off with initial reps of 420kg and 465kg just to get warmed up. Then the 6″9 monster deadlifted 501kg (1104 lbs), breaking Hall’s 2016 record.

It was a sensational accomplishment. The bar literally buckled under the weight of the plates on it as he lifted. Bjornsso held it for two seconds before letting go. The pumped-up athlete embraced his coach after breaking yet another record. Bjornsson has also won the Arnold Classic and World’s Strongest Man competitions.

“I believe today I could’ve done more, but what’s the point?” Bjornsson said. “I’m happy with this. My family and friends, they were happy with this, and I’ve decided to call it.”


Bjornsson says his weightlifting career is over. But he has a sensational plan. He wants to make his boxing debut against his biggest weightlifting rival, Hall. The Icelandic superstar has signed a seven-figure contract. Now it’s time for Hall to do the same. When asked what is next, he said:

“Something new and big. Core Sports just offered me a seven-figure contract, the biggest contract of my life. I’ve signed it already.

“Hall has been running his mouth for some weeks, and I know he got the same deal, same contract. So Eddie, I just knocked out your record, and now I’m ready to knock you out in the ring,” Björnsson said. “Time to put your fists where your big mouth is, and sign the Core Sports contract. I’m ready.”

YouTube video


Only time will tell if the pair actually fight but they wouldn’t be the first weightlifters to switch sports. Mariusz Pudzianowski is the most famous strongman to compete in combat sports. The Pole is a big star with his nation’s MMA promotion KSW.

Bjornsson has also been to SBG Ireland. You can see him ‘spar’ Conor McGregor in the clip above. The Icelandic star weighs 425 lbs so he would obviously be a super-heavyweight. Would this fight actually be entertaining?

Typically, these giant men gas out very quickly. However, Bjornsson is definitely famous enough for this to get people interest. If Logan Paul and KSW can fight then these two behemoths definitely can. Everybody seems to be a boxer these days. Would you watch this fight?

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