Dana White Responds to Mayweather vs McGregor Modified Rules Rumors

By Dazzler

Dana White Has Given His Take on the Mayweather vs McGregor Modified Rules Speculation and he is Not Impressed…

It looks like the circus is still in town, but it’s in danger of overstaying it’s welcome. Talk of Floyd Mayweather fighting Conor McGregor in a rematch escalated on Monday. You’ve got Omar Al-Sharifi, editor of the Sport’s Journal to thank for that. He tweeted breaking news that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor had basically agreed to fight under modified MMA rules.

Now it’s highly unlikely that Floyd Mayweather will ever fight in the UFC. But money talks so while there is still a one percent chance, it can’t be disregarded. His boxing match against Conor McGregor in August 2017, earned him a cool $200 million dollars. A UFC showdown would surely raise similar interest.

However, it’s getting to the point where everyone is a little bit sick of hearing about it. If a deal is agreed between the two men, the UFC and Mayweather Promotions, then amazing. We’ll all be delighted to hear it. But until then no thanks. UFC President Dana White has given his take on the situation.

Modified Rules

Basically what Al-Sharifi said was that McGregor and Mayweather would fight under modified boxing rules. The fight would take place in a cage, and they would both be in bare feet with 4oz gloves. The only other major concession towards MMA would be that the use of the clinch would be allowed.

However, there would be no kicks, no takedowns, no elbows or knees. In short none of what makes MMA special and exciting. It’s hard to imagine fans being excited watching Mayweather and McGregor hug for five five minute rounds. Unless that’s your thing of course.

“Co-promoted by Mayweather Promotions, UFC and McGregor Entertainment,” Al-Sharifi wrote. “Last time I said McGregor will be a co-promoter, no body believed me. But again this is the right game, sources say things, but it changes very quickly!”


Wherever Al-Sharifi got his sources from, it turns out the information wasn’t the scoop of the century but instead absolute much. The journalist quickly backtracked and tried to recover any sense of credibility he had left. He wrote:

“Let me clarify. Nothing is approved or signed. The modified rules MMA fight is something that has been discussed. No one has an interest for another boxing bout & we all know Floyd won’t jump into a full MMA fight. Modified rules generates interest and Conor has better chances.”

This is despite the fact that his earlier tweets were adamant the fight was agreed and going to happen. Okay so…


UFC President Dana White was quick to shut down this story. He responded to unimpressed fans on Twitter, in typical Dana White style. He wrote:

“None of this is even close to true. Dumbest s-t i have ever heard.”

Of course, the UFC definitely didn’t put out the rumor themselves to gauge the reactions of fans. If there is one thing the company is good at, it is marketing. Anyway, if Conor McGregor fights anyone it will Khabib Nurmagamedov. That’s almost a certainty at this stage.