Online gambling in New Zealand is not the same as in other places in the world. Lots of unique and quirky things happen in the New Zealand online gambling world, this extends the world of real-life casinos with mobile slots as well! The following are some fun facts about online gambling and casinos in New Zealand.

  • Online gambling is banned in New Zealand – This fact may surprise some people, especially when they consider how popular gambling is in the country. The fact is that online gambling is banned in New Zealand. However, this is not a massive issue for players as they are allowed to use online gambling sites which are based internationally, it is only providers from New Zealand who are banned.
  • Horse racing was the first form of gambling the country loved – In the early nineteenth century, all forms of gambling were outlawed in the country, except for one. Horse racing was still allowed to go ahead. Today, New Zealanders still love horse racing. With many events being held every year, as well as lots of money spent betting on the horses at these events!
  • New Zealanders love online slots – This fact is definitely strange when you consider the fact that by all accounts online gambling is banned in the country but it is true, New Zealanders cannot get enough of online slot games. Of course, they can access them as long as they are from an international provider but it is still extra effort that other places such as the UK do not need to do. There are many aspects of online slots that New Zealanders love in particular.
    1. Variety of themes – The huge amount of slot themes are very popular in New Zealand. There is everything from fantasy to real-life historical figures. The huge amount of themes available mean that it is very difficult to get bored playing online slots.
    2. Good bonuses – One thing that keeps players coming back to certain online slot games are the bonuses that they offer, things such as no deposits and multiplier bonuses can completely alter the overall payout a player receives from a game. Triggering bonuses is also fun, adding a whole new dimension to online slot gaming.
  • Slot machines are known as pokies – A fact that not many people outside the country will know is that slot machines are actually called pokies in New Zealand. The reason for this is because originally slot machines were poker machines before they were changed to the games we know and love today, these machines were nicknamed pokies by players. When they became slot machines, the nickname stuck, they have been known as pokies ever since. If you find yourself in New Zealand, be aware that a pokie and slot machine are one and the same.

Final Thoughts

New Zealand is a wonderful country with lots of rich heritage behind it. They have a unique relationship with gambling, online gambling is banned in the country but still allowed to take place. There are many weird and unique facts about gambling that come from this country.

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