Turns out Conor McGregor wasn’t quite finished at Bellator 187….

Earlier at Bellator 187, Conor McGregor jumped the cage following his teammate, Charlie Ward’s, victory at the event. Now it seems, Conor returned to the cage area after being escorted out. He again jumped the cage and got into an altercation with officials.

During Conor’s first ill-advised cage-entering, referee Marc Goddard instructed him to leave. Goddard was also the same referee who had admonished Conor at the UFC’s recent event in Poland. On that night, Conor was watching his friend, Artem Lobov’s, fight with Andre Fili. While Conor was not an official cornerman for Lobov, he was vocal cageside and roaming around the seating area. Goddard instructed him to stop doing so on the basis that it gave Lobov an unfair advantage.

Following Charlie Ward’s victory, Conor hopped the cage and was told to leave by Goddard even though the fight was over. This led to an altercation between Conor and Goddard. Conor would return moments later and was again intent on entering the cage.

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Conor McGregor’s Continued Antics

While this is only speculation, one could assume that Conor is aware his antics cageside help to draw attention to the SBG fighters he trains with. Conor has spoken often of how important it is to him that his teammates at SBG do well with their fight-careers. There can be no doubt that Artem Lobov has earned more money in his fight career than he would have if he wasn’t associated with Conor McGregor.

Former UFC commentator and current Bellator play-by-play announcer, Mike Goldberg, was happy he was able to call Conor’s first trip into the Bellator cage:

Is Conor Trying To Help SBG Ireland Fighters Get Noticed?

Perhaps a possible motivating factor for Conor’s actions today was to build up Charlie Ward’s name. Now, thanks to Conor’s actions, highlights of Charlie Ward winning his bout have gone viral across the internet. While some might say he is upstaging his teammates, the counter to this argument is that he is increasing the visibility of these fighters.

It is also entirely possible that Conor is simply an easy to rile up person and was unable to control himself.

Watch Conor Slap Security Guard

Conor has put himself in hot water with this one, no athletic commission is going to stand for teammates entering the cage the way Conor did. They certainly aren’t going to stand for their officials being physically touched in a somewhat aggressive manner either.

Making this situation all the more interesting is that it happened inside a Bellator cage. Conor’s actions will put a spotlight on the promotion, something the UFC probably isn’t too happy with.

Earlier today, Showtime boxing tweeted out a picture of Conor. The response the picture garnered from the UFC champ was only two words long: “Beg Me”. As in, Showtime boxing needs to beg Conor if they want him to box for them again. Bellator got Conor on their show free-of-charge.

Dana White and the UFC will most likely have a statement over the weekend regarding Conor’s actions. They, of course, are now dealing with the drug test failure of Anderson Silva on top of this as well.

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