Adesanya successfully defended his middleweight title for the second time at UFC 253. The Nigerian-born New Zealand based fighter dissected Paulo Costa in clinical style. The Brazilian had no answer for The Last Stylebender’s brilliance. It was a phenomenal display.

Now he expects to fight the winner of Robert Whittaker v Jared Cannonier. The latter is his preferred option but of course, he has to get past the former champion first. However, this isn’t the only potential fight that fans are talking about. Yes, we’re talking about Jon Jones.

People have turned from scoffing about this match-up to thinking that it may actually happen. Jones himself appears to be actively luring Adesanya into the clash and insists that he will destroy the smaller man. Check out the former light-heavyweight champion’s message below.

Not Ready?

In sum, Jones has no respect for Adesanya as a person. Firstly, he says that there is no point in the Nigerian fighter calling him out unless he’s serious. ‘Bones’ is currently preparing for his heavyweight debut and also believes that he could rip off one of Adesanya’s limbs right now. He wrote on Instagram:

“BUT what?. You’ve stepped into the ring over 100 times now and you’re still not ready!? You have a youth advantage and like four times the fighting experience. The truth is you’re already my pussy, you love being undefeated and you’ve seen what’s happened to everyone else. It raises your stock to mention my name, you’re aware of this. You don’t want real confrontation with me, I’m not gonna just stand there and kickbox with you. I’ve been preparing for heavyweights, right around now I would literally tear one of your arms off.”

Human Trash

Meanwhile, Adesanya’s date at UFC 253, Paulo Costa, is disgusted with Adesanya’s actions. The champion mimed humping the Brazilian’s back after the TKO. Needless to say, this provoked a mixed reaction online. Some thought it was hilarious, while others believe that it showed a lack of class. No prizes for guessing which camp Costa falls into.

“I come here to talk about that action that human trash did—the human trash did after a fight,” Costa said in a short video released to social media. “I didn’t see when I was there on the cage, but I saw now. And I disapprove 100%. To me, this is mortal now. Nobody will stop me. Nobody can stop me. [????] I want my rematch. And you know – you know – I am wait for you. Something happened before the fight, I’m not excuse here to my people, my fans, but I will be 100% to fight him, and to make him pay. That’s my words.”

Rising Stock

To sum up, the winner in all of this is Adesanya. The champion will be delighted because everybody is talking about him. If you want to be a superstar then you need that. With another successful title defense, the GOAT conversation will start to open up.

Right now Anderson Silva is the greatest fighter in the history of the division. But could Adesanya overtake the Brazilian legend? Only time will tell.

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