UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor captured the title in breath taking fashion at UFC 194. He defeated the undisputed Brazilian boss Jose Aldo in one of the most amazing one punch knockouts of all time.


It took just 13 seconds for ‘The Notorious’ to send his hype train in to light speed, but Nate Diaz would put a stop to all that just three months later. At UFC 196, Diaz submitted McGregor in two rounds, although not for any title, in a welterweight thriller.

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Jake Shields abusing Conor McGregor from Nate Diaz’s corner during their UFC 196 collision. The news broke just four days ago that UFC 200 would feature the next fight for the Irish boxer, but it wouldn’t be against a featherweight.

With the 145-pound title seemingly suspended in limbo, it was revealed that McGregor and Diaz were at the stage of contract agreements for a UFC 200 rematch, once again at welterweight.

One well known UFC commentator feels that McGregor should vacate the featherweight title because of the current rivalry with Diaz…


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