UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor reacts to Dustin Poirier’s scathing troll message. You might want to see this…

Newly crowned UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is never far away from a big fight. Ever since joining the promotion with a 2013 knockout against Marcus Brimage, ‘The Notorious’ has been making enemies left, right and centre.

Fighters and fans alike either love or hate McGregor, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. The difference between the keyboard warriors and the actual warriors, is that fighters like Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes got their chances to settle their beef with ‘The Notorious’ inside the cage.

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McGregor’s list of feuds doesn’t just end with ‘Money’ and ‘Scarface,’ or even in the featherweight division. Long before it was announced he’d move up to lightweight for a title shot, the Irish striker was not making any friends in the higher weight class.

Declaring it ‘red panty night’ for the wife of any man that would fight him during a classic moment, McGregor instantly paved his way towards fights at lightweight if he would beat Aldo.

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Now officially the golden boy of the UFC, Conor McGregor is mixed up in all sorts of high level business. UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta revealed the Irish sensation would be the first UFC fighter to make $100 Million, and the rumours of his huge new contract backed this theory up.

So who is the latest fighter to take a pot shot at Conor McGregor?

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