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UFC stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is a promotional company that hosts mixed martial arts fights. It attracts a lot of people, so a large number of fighters chase the dream to become UFC legends. Unfortunately, only some individuals become legends who are portrayed as examples of success in MMA. Nevertheless, there is a list of UFC heroes who have achieved significant results thanks to their hard work and amazing fighting techniques. You will learn more about the true UFC legends that all beginners look up to in the post below.

Jon Jones

This guy is a talented fighter who can defeat almost any opponent. He has a unique fighting style so that every battle gathers a large audience. Nevertheless, he has become a UFC legend thanks to his incredible achievements. Many people have no doubts that he will become the best UFC fighter with 26 won matches and only one defeat by the moment. Moreover, he will not slow down, so we will see many spectacular fights with this UFC legend.

He utilizes the perfect combination of striking and grappling techniques. It helps him make unexpected moves that knock off the opponents. Jon is also as fast as flash. His opponents frequently miss striking shots released by the fighter. He is considered an unbeatable legend, and almost all beginners want to achieve the same success. A lot of UFC fighters admit that they are not ready to become Jon Jones’s opponents.

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre is one of the famous UFC fighters who got the status thanks to many won fights. Moreover, most of them were spectacular. He has 26 won fights and only two defeats. These days, he is considered retired from the UFC. However, he doesn’t sit on a couch watching TV shows. Vice versa, he is starring in new Marvel movies. Therefore, he won’t likely get back to the ring. However, Georges didn’t officially state that his fighting career was already finished.

When Georges St-Pierre started his UFC career, nobody expected him to achieve great results. He is not high and heavy, which can bring physical advantage over other fighters. However, he has proved that skills can define success in fighting. Georges stated that he trained every day and fought with opponents who were higher and heavier than him. In addition, he never skipped workouts and did his best to become the best fighter. Finally, all his efforts have paid off.

Anderson Silva

This fighter is another UFC legend who is an example for rookies. Anderson is a talented Brazilian-American MMA fighter who knows how to find weak points in his opponents and use them. He has become famous for lightning-fast moves and shots that only a few opponents could cope with. Thanks to the ability to move fast, it was extremely hard for other fighters to hit Anderson.

He has an impressive achievement. Anderson holds the longest title reign. Also, he has 16 consecutive victories, which is an amazing result. A lot of students strive to get the same achievements. They spend a lot of time in the gym and compromise on studying, so the question, “Who can write an essay for me?” appears in their minds. Nevertheless, his achievements remain unbeaten. Despite the fact he is a 46-year fighter, he is in perfect shape. Silva doesn’t stop his career and states that he is about to fight for three years.

Ronda Rousey

UFC fighters are not men only. There are a lot of women fighters that achieve great results that others look up to. Ronda Rousey is one of the most promising fighters. Even though there are not many fights in her portfolio, she has a lot of impressive achievements. Ronda Rousey started her career in WWE. Also, she got a bronze medal in judo during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

However, Ronda became popular when she started starring in Hollywood movies. At the same time, she achieved great results in the UFC. These days, she has ten wins and two losses. Moreover, the wins are consecutive, which is an amazing result that is hard to replicate. Also, she helped promote fights among women and engaged a lot of them to join the UFC. Many people consider that there would be no women’s division without all the efforts that Ronda applied.

Matt Hughes

Matt is a very famous welterweight UFC champion. He had a large number of fights, and the majority of them were successful. He had one of the most impressive careers in UFC history, with 45 wins and only 9 losses. It is an amazing result. He had a unique fighting style that helped him make heavy shots, though his success in grabbing was 50% only. In addition, great boxing skills helped him dominate most of his opponents in the octagon.

Also, he is known as an ever-standing fighter that can tackle any challenges. In four years of his official retirement from UFC, he had an accident with a train. His condition was critical, so he was put in a medically-induced coma. He had a thought fight with death. However, he managed to recover. Despite a serious brain injury, he didn’t stop training. Most of his therapy sessions take place in the gym.

Concluding Words

These days, there are a lot of outstanding fighters in the UFC. However, only a few of them managed to become legends that all rookies look up to. They are very famous for stunning achievements that other fighters cannot replicate. Also, they have a large number of successful flights.

All the legends have something in common. For starters, they have unique fighting styles and move fast. It allowed them to strike opponents suddenly. Also, none of the legends achieved significant results by doing anything. Instead, all of them worked hard and many hours a day. Therefore, if you want to become a famous UFC fighter, you have to work out harder than those you look up to.

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