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As Mike Goldberg would say “Virtually Identical”, If you remember Ander’s reaction to Petr Yan’s illegal knee against Aljamain Sterling, he said that Yan is playing by pride rules. For the newer fans of MMA, Pride FC was an old Japanese MMA Organization and was bigger than UFC that time.

In Pride FC, there rules were a lot different. Kick stomps and knees on ground opponents were allowed. Basically most offense were allowed other than those that are way out of line like Headbutt, Eye gouging, hair pulling, groin attacks.

So when Petr Yan landed the illegal knee, Eryk Anders posted on his twitter that he is playing under the Pride rules.

Eryk Anders had a scheduled fight the week after and it was against Darren Stewart. Many expected the fight to be fireworks and it delivered. Anders was winning the fight and then landed his own illegal knee which is IRONIC. For calling Yan then landing it on his fight the week after. How the tables have turned!

Petr Yan then responded with a face palm emoji. It was one of the funniest comebacks from Yan. Most fans also agree that Yan’s twitter game is one of the best, so for those MMA fans who enjoy funny tweets FOLLOW @PetrYanUFC

Eryk Anders also apologized to his opponent and thinks that his emotions got the better of him which led to landing the illegal knee.

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