Jon Jones might not like to hear this news but the UFC is now trying to make Francis Ngannou defend his belt against Derrick Lewis. The date was supposedly for June 12 but it was too early for the champion’s timeline.

June is certainly too early for Ngannou since he just fought late March. He needs time to enjoy his win and recover from his training camp and since he is the champion, he has the benefit of being the A-side.

As for Jon Jones, if the fight is indeed booked, he might have to wait out for another few months or he could choose to fight another heavyweight contender. It would be a huge downgrade for Jones if he chooses to fight a contender considering he is a former light-heavyweight champion and just chose to vacate it.

Jon Jones. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.

It is also possible that the UFC is putting a bluff against Jones to take the fight. It might force Jones to take the fight rather than price himself out. Jones is certainly losing money if he chooses to wait out and not fight in a lower price but if he thinks his value and risk is worth much more than what the UFC offered, he should definitely wait.

For the possible matchup, Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis has already fought but many may have already forgotten about it and who can blame them? Two of the hardest-hitters collide, it was expected fireworks but what happened was lackluster. There was too lack of action that even the referee reprimanded them to fight more.

No one could argue that Derrick Lewis deserves to fight for the title but fans would want Ngannou vs Jones more. The idea of an all-time great fighting the scariest fighter just makes it more exciting. It might be one of the biggest fights to make right now and the only thing stopping is the pay issue, sadly.

This is not the first time that a UFC fighter is complaining of being underpaid, but there are also times that the fighter is asking too much. Even Dana White has said that Jon Jones might be the greatest fighter he has ever seen and definitely deserves a big number.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

What do you guys think? Is Jones asking too much and is ducking Ngannou or is Jones asking a reasonable amount but the UFC is just underpaying his worth?

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