Former UFC Lightweight Champion, Eddie Alvarez just lost his match via disqualification as ruled by the referee. There were lot of mixed opinions in the fight, some were defending Alvarez and some were saying that hit was really devastating.

from Rolling Stone

In most combat sports, hitting the back of the head is illegal, it is called rabbit punching. This was not allowed to be used in the sport mainly because it can lead to permanent damage to a fighter. The fighter also does not have that many tools to protect the back of his head since he cannot see it coming.

Well if you analyze the fight itself, Iuri Lapicus was landing hard leg kicks until Alvarez got the timing to shoot for a takedown. Once Lapicus got down, Alvarez locked both his legs in order control his position. Alvarez then decided to strike but then the referee warned hitting the back of the head to which Alvarez just kept on hitting.

The referee then yelled the “back of the head” to which Lapicus goes down immediately. Alvarez thinks that the strike were on the side, near the ear which is legal. If we just based on their positioning, Lapicus was turning his head that led to hitting the back of his head.

In my opinion, there were one or two strikes that landed at the back of the head but he did not get hurt by it mostly. Most of the damage were from the strikes at the side of the head, but when the referee yelled, Lapicus then went down and acted a bit.

You could say that Alvarez made a mistake, but the ruling is a mistake in my opinion. It should have been a NC or a no contest. The fight was still too early and fighters make a mistake often. Did you agree with the referee’s ruling of DQ?

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