What a comeback by Vicente Luque as he successfully chokes out Michael Chiesa with his signature D’arce choke. The fight ended early in the first round, Chiesa had a dominant position once he got Luque down. Many would have thought it was the end for Luque, as Chiesa secured Luque’s back.

Vicente Luque just proved how well his grappling defense was. Yes, he is a brown belt in BJJ, but Chiesa is also a great BJJ specialist as well. To have Chiesa on your back and almost securing a choke, to end up reversing it with a D’arce choke is really impressive.

After the fight, Luque then called out his former teammate and friend, Kamaru Usman. Luque thinks he deserves to fight for the title next, but Covington is obviously next in line as it is pretty much a done deal.

Kamaru Usman was also impressed with Luque’s performance, could it sway the UFC in booking them the next fight if Usman somehow beats Covington for the second time. One other fighter that may have a title shot next could possibly be Leon Edwards. So the UFC needs to think about who to book next. One option would be if the UFC booked Edwards vs Luque for the title contender spot.

The welterweight division has been considered as one of the most difficult divisions even before. Mainly because of the balance with power and technique, also the big names that are currently at the division, it is hard to even compete with the top 5. With Thompson losing to Burns, who is next to fight the winner of Usman vs Covington 2?

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