Is Joe Rogan’s time as a UFC commentator coming to an end? This emotional interview with ‘JR’ will pull at your heart strings…

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has been in the headlines more in 2015, than perhaps all his years in the spotlight combined. It’s been for a number of reasons, firstly the UFC is rapidly expanding and has many more followers now.

With the growth of the promotion worldwide there comes a greater demand for content, and as a natural entertainer, Rogan his filled that role quite nicely. Her is also a stand up comic and podcast host alongside Brian Callen and Brendan Schaub.


But Rogan’s opinions aren’t always met with the greatest level of acceptance, as is evident by the past month or so. After UFC 193, Rogan and a fellow comic joked during a podcast about Cris Cyborg Justino having to ‘cut off her penis’ to make bantamweight.

Similarly controversial were his ‘hot mic’ out-takes at UFC 194, comments that were leaked after the massive upset knockout win by Conor McGregor over Jose Aldo. Rogan said Aldo looked ‘soft’ and ‘deflated.’


Eventually apologizing following uproar from fans and team members of Cyborg and Aldo, we then learned that Rogan’s UFC contract will expire next year, and he isn’t sure if he’ll continue to work for the promotion.

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