Brazilian fighting icons Wanderlei Silva and Jose Aldo have a lot in common. First and foremost, they are both legends of mixed martial arts. During the Pride FC era, Silva was one of the most dominant fighters in the game.

Coming of age in the WEC, Aldo became the first UFC featherweight champion. Until he lost against Conor McGregor in 2015, ‘Scarface’ was the most successful featherweight of all-time.

Jose Aldo

Beef With UFC

Sharing a common enemy in the UFC, Wanderlei Silva and Jose Aldo have both voiced displeasure with the promotion. ‘The Axe Murderer’ certainly went a lot further with his drama, though.

Claiming the UFC had fixed fights following his drug test debacle, Silva became embroiled in a legal battle with the promotion. They eventually released Wandy from his contract so he could fight abroad, but they haven’t been as lenient with Aldo.

Aldo Wants Out, UFC Says No

After learning Conor McGregor would go without defending his belt for the third straight fight, Jose Aldo went on the warpath. Demanding a release from his UFC contract, the Brazilian said he no longer wanted to compete as a fighter.

The game has changed, and is clearly driven by money, something Aldo says he can’t work with. UFC president Dana White responded by saying the promotion would not release him from his contract. Wanderlei Silva, once again supporting his countryman, gave the following advice to Aldo, and warning to McGregor.


Wanderlei Silva to Aldo/McGregor:

Via Bloody Elbow:

“McGregor fears Aldo, which is understandable,” Silva said. “I would be scared, too. Aldo is hands down the best fighter in the division and you can’t just mess with someone like that. When you mess with a fighter like that, it’s not about the money anymore. My dad used to say you don’t mess with a man. So don’t mess with Aldo. If you want his fans and his show, you need to respect him and not make empty promises.

“But if I could give Aldo a piece of advice today, it would be for him to calm down a think about his fans. He’s still very young and has 10, 12 fights left in him and he can’t leave his fans, like me, without that fight and many others he can still have. Besides, he can still bring a lot of joy to our country.”


Not The First Time

Before Aldo and McGregor even fought, Wanderlei was firing shots at the outspoken Irishman. Many fans have spoken out against the UFC’s current tactics with ‘The Notorious’ too.

Are they protecting their biggest asset? The brash Irish striker faces Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title at UFC 205. Without having even one fight at 155 pounds, it’s understandable why some people are outraged by his next fight.

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