Instant karma KO from the Gods…

They say Pride comes before a fall, and in many respects we see that in MMA quite often. Anything can happen in a fight but it’s imperative that fighters stick to one basic instruction-protect yourself at all times.

Looking back through mainstream MMA history, perhaps the most classic example of this was the case of Anderson Silva. During his first fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 168, ‘The Spider’ was knocked out cold while showboating.

Valuable Lesson, But Not For This Guy

Should any up-and-coming fighters find themselves in this position, it would be a valuable lesson. Keeping your hands by your side might look ‘good’ or ‘cool,’ but it’s probably going to get you KO’d.

Apparently Essex-based fighter Joe Harding did not get that memo, as you’ll see in the video at the bottom of this article. Harding faced Johan Segas at BCMMA in England last night, and he got a face full of instant karma.

Harding Learned The Hard Way (Video Below)

Facing Johan Segas at BCMMA 18 in his hometown, Joe Harding fell in epic fashion. While trying to imitate Cody Garbrandt’s performance against Dominick Cruz, Harding got caught with the mother of all head kicks.

The video has gone viral through hundreds of outlets in a matter of hours. Youtube user ‘Buzz Bazz’ had a great version of the clip, with a tidy description which we’ve added below the video.

Watch Harding’s fail on the Youtube player below:

YouTube video

Showboating most definitely has its risks.

Joining the likes of Anderson Silva and many others, Harding gets sent to the land of viral KO losses. Thankfully he was able to walk out of the cage relatively unscathed after this brutal moment.

Anyone can be knocked out, regardless of how promising a prospect they are. Check out some of our other stories while you are here!

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