Boston Salmon is a name familiar to UFC fighters. Unfortunately, that’s only because he has a very distinctive name. Salmon came through Dana White’s Contender Series before fighting twice in the UFC. Both of his appearances ended in first-round TKO losses to Khalid Taha and Randy Costa respectively.

After the UFC cut him, he went to LFA where he has snapped his losing streak. However, his win came in the most bizarre circumstances after he was brutally knocked out. Salmon fought fellow regional veteran Shawn West at LFA 84 in South Dakota. It ended in absolute carnage.

On the weekend of a Jorge Masvidal fight in the UFC, it seems appropriate that there was a flying knee KO. Unfortunately, it was one of the most devastating illegal techniques that we have ever seen. Check out the crazy clip below of this insane moment.


West and Salmon fought in the second of four fights at the Sanford Pentagon in South Dakota. It also marked the first LFA event since the current health crisis effectively froze all sports. So, they wanted to come back with a bang but nobody could have expected what came next.

It was honors even until the second round. Then the two men rocked each other simultaneously with powerful hooks. The two fighters stumbled but Salmon went down on all-fours. West was able to recover his senses. In short, that’s when he came in with the most ridiculously powerful flying knee that we’ve seen this side of Ben Askren.


Unfortunately for West, this was his downfall. The referee intervened and stopped the fight, but it quickly became apparent that all was not right. The South Dakota Athletic Commission uses the old MMA rules. In sum, this ruleset says that you are a grounded fighter if you have one hand on the floor.

As Salmon was in this position, West committed a foul. Perhaps it was the blow to the head he took or maybe he just forgot in a rush of blood. But in the end, the referee had no choice but to disqualify him and declare Salmon the winner by DQ. It still counts as a highlight reel finish right?


This is a good time to revisit Jorge Masvidal’s historic KO over Ben Askren. He achieved it last year in 2019. It’s a landmark because it was the fastest KO in UFC history. The spectacular finish came after just five seconds. It immediately catapulted Masvidal into stardom. Masvidal will fight Kamaru Usman for the welterweight title this weekend so the highlights are going viral again. Check out the full fight above.

Meanwhile, Askren is a good sport on Twitter. As soon as the fight was booked he tweeted: “Ugh now I gotta see that effing video all over Twitter this week. So annoying.”

“Imagine the most embarrassing moment of your life being replayed incessantly on twitter.”

You’ve got to appreciate his sense of humor even if you aren’t a fan of his. In sum, it was an iconic moment.

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