WATCH: Dillon Danis Gets Punched in Burlesque Club Brawl

By Dazzler

Bellator’s Greatest Ever Fighter Dillon Danis Got Smashed in the Face at an NYC Burlesque Club… Try Not to Enjoy This Footage Too Much… 

You probably either love or hate Dillon Danis. The MMA fighter and former No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion is one of the most divisive figures in the sport. Some fight fans love his over-the-top fashion sense and confident personality. Others loathe him for trying to copy his friend and training partner Conor McGregor.

Currently, Danis is 2-0 in professional MMA after being handed a pair of nobodies to build his record up. His striking offence has been sneered by analysts around the world and now his defence is going to be questioned as well. Danis was involved in a ruckus at the trendy New York burlesque club, The Box.

Check out the clip below of him getting smashed in the face by a random dude. While normally we would greatly enjoy seeing him get belted, we have to say it’s a dirty move just to suckerpunch somebody.

Out of Nowhere

The Box is a high-end club with shows that combine burlesque, erotica, music and theatre. An anonymous source sent the clip above to the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. They revealed that Danis was randomly assaulted at the venue. He didn’t do anything to provoke the attack at all. It was totally random and uncalled for. They said:

“I was scared. It was vicious. Dillon was just sitting down relaxing and that shirtless guy with the yellow garland just attacked him. You’re not supposed to take any photos or videos at all in the Box, they throw you out immediately if they see you doing that.

‘But I’m a UFC fan and I knew that was Dillon Danis, so when I saw things were starting to get aggressive I pulled out my phone real quick, then I ran right out of there.”

Mandatory Credit: Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports.

Random Assault

As you can see from the clip, a shirtless man tries to land on Danis. The MMA fighter then tries to slug him back but falls over when a friend jumps between him. Security rushed in to intervene. The anonymous source explained:

‘All the security rushed in and loads of people, including Dillon, ran outside with me. The fight happened right before the show was about to start, I missed the show because of it, I didn’t want to go back in there after that. I didn’t hang around.

Mandatory Credit: Dave Mandel, USA TODAY Sports


Danis is known for his lavish lifestyle and frequently posts pictures with his social media influencer girlfriend Savannah Montano. Going by the nickname ‘El Jefe,’ he has a penchant for fast cars and garish clothes. The New York native has so far fought twice for Bellator and won both fights by submission.

So far he’s fought at middleweight and catchweight. It remains to be seen where he settles in the future. We don’t condone punching MMA stars, even when you’ve got a face as suitable as Danis’s. He tweeted:

‘Being the most hated athlete in the world isn’t easy but f**k what people think I’m just doing me.’