WATCH: Fighter Attacked By Crowd After Alleged Sucker Punch KO

By Salvador Sanchez

Shocking scenes tonight as a fighter gets brutally attacked after knocking his opponent out…

Glory Kickboxing 42 goes down in Paris this evening, and is still underway in the main event. Featured in that top spot is the rematch between welterweight champion Cedric Doumbé and former boss Nieky Holzken.

Although that clash of titans is getting a lot of attention, there’s unfortunately a lot more controversy elsewhere on the card.

Dutch-Surinamese kickboxer Murthel Groenhart won his fight at Glory Kickboxing 42 by knockout, but it was shrouded in chaos…

Murthel Groenhart Attacked After Crazy Knockout

Competing against Harut Grigorian, Dutch-Surinamese knockout artist Murthel Groenhart was involved in a wild incident. After rocking Grigorian with a flying knee, Groenhart went in for the kill.

Strangely Grigorian had turned his back and walked away, perhaps stunned from the knee, or thinking he’d heard the bell. In an instant Groenhart finished the fight with a big right hand. It was at this point that madness broke out in Paris.

Watch the video of the crazy brawl below:

Reddit reactions:

DirectorMoltar Weidman screwed Weidman 8 points

So apparently that isn’t a cornerman who rushed Groenhart, but rather two random buffons from the audience. How the hell is this allowed to happen at these events. So Groenhart now has a broken jaw because some mandrama loser at a kickboxing show cheap shot him.

yellow_logic 17 points

People were upset because they viewed as a cheap shot on their fighter. Emotion over common sense.

Defend yourself at ALL TIMES.

Edit: I want to point out the two individuals who assaulted Groenhart weren’t his opponent’s cornermen. They also managed to break his jaw.

sawmyoldgirlfriend 1 point

Those people who jumped into the ring should be arrested for assault. Don’t turn your head away from your opponent like an idiot unless you want to be knocked into another dimension.

julex_000Team McGregor 2 points

At first when I saw Grigorian turn around I thought there was some low blow or other foul that I missed that made him walk to his corner. Really weird how he just dropped his hands, turned around and started walking.

Glory 42 Paris Results

Cédric Doumbé vs. Nieky Holzken – for welterweight title
Christian Baya def. Massaro Glunder by split decision (29-28 x3, 28-29, 30-27) – lightweight contender tournament final
Murthel Groenhart def. Harut Grigorian by knockout (punch). Round 2
Massaro Glunder def. Niclas Larsen by TKO (two-knockdown rule). Round 1, 2:18 – lightweight contender tournament semifinal
Christian Baya def. Anatoly Moiseev by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29 x2, 30-27) – lightweight contender tournament semifinal
Yoann Kongolo def. Yohan Lidon by unanimous decision (30-27 x5)
Nicolas Wamba def. Jhonata Diniz by unanimous decision (30-27 x5)
Zinedine Hamuer-Lain def. Freddy Kemayo by knockout (right hook and right high kick). Round 1, 2:35
Serhiy Adamchuk def. Dylan Salvador by unanimous decision (30-27 x3, 29-28 x2)
Marat Grigorian def. Antonio Gomez by knockout (left knee to the body). Round 2, 2:02
Francois Ambang by unanimous decision (30-27 x3, 29-28 x2)