WATCH: Frankie Edgar Edges Thriller on Bantamweight Debut

By Darren
WATCH: Frankie Edgar Edges Thriller on Bantamweight Debut

13 years into his UFC career, Frankie Edgar finally fought in the division he probably should have competed in for the entirety of his career. ‘The Answer’ fought Pedro Munhoz in the main event of the most recent UFC on ESPN in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also looked like he belonged in the division.

Now 38 years old, it’s insane to think that Edgar was once the lightweight champion. That’s no disrespect, it’s just that the sport has moved on. He lost his last two fights including a title shot against Max Holloway and a short notice featherweight clash against Chan Sung Jung.

There were also doubts about Edgar’s chin because he was knocked out in two of his previous four fights. This was unthinkable before this because his durability was as good as anybody else’s. Munhoz is a hard hitter so it was going to be interesting to see how he held up.

Great Fight

Munhoz is a tough fighter whose most high-profile win was a KO victory over Cody Garbrandt. However, he lost his most recent fight to Aljamain Sterling by unanimous decision. In sum, he wanted to get back on track against a big-name opponent.

This was a very close fight with both men having their moments. Munhoz had a visible power advantage and rattled Edgar whenever he made contact in the first round. But Edgar’s technical boxing was slick and he took over the second. From then on it was razor close. In the end, Edgar snatched a split-decision win.

Razor Close

On many occasions when there is a split decision, people cry robbery. However, this was razor close. While many people did score it for Munhoz they could see why Edgar got the win. Nobody will begrudge this living legend another run at glory. In sum, that’s exactly what he wants to do. Edgar wants one final surge towards title contention. Furthermore, he was justifiably very proud of his performance.

“I proved all them wrong,” said Edgar. “I still got some fight in this tank, and we’re gonna make a run at 135. I’m showing I can compete with the best at 38 years old,” Edgar said. “I don’t want to hear nothing from nobody.”


Later, Munhoz said he thought he got the win but has no hard feelings and doesn’t want a rematch. That’s entirely reasonable as it could really have gone either way. Furthermore, UFC President Dana White told ESPN that Edgar’s performance impressed him a lot. He also paid tribute to the longevity of the former champ’s career.

“The career that the guy has had has been unbelievable,” White said. “The fact that he’s still performing the way he’s performing at his age with all the wars that he’s been through, and all the things he’s accomplished, yeah, I’d say he looked pretty damn good tonight.”

It says a lot about the man that Edgar is that at this point in his career nobody has anything bad to say about him. Even Conor McGregor was always respectful when he talked about Edgar during both of their featherweight days. It will be interesting to see what’s next for ‘The Answer.’ Some people are talking about Dominick Cruz. This would be a phenomenal old school match-up. We’re here for it.