WATCH: Jon Jones and Holly Holm Manhandle Steve-O

By Darren
WATCH: Jon Jones and Holly Holm Manhandle Steve-O

Jackass star Steve-O is a wildman. He’s also probably the last person you would want hanging around with Jon Jones. The UFC light-heavyweight champion is controversial because he always gets into trouble. From shooting guns around homeless women, to crashing into pregnant women, there’s never a dull moment.

However, it turns out that Steve-O is fun to have around. He was in Albuquerque to meet fans and to help out the needy. In short, he came down as part of the C.A.R.E project, a group Jones put together to help tidy up the city after recent protests.

But first of all, Steve-O went to Jackson-Wink gym where he had some fun. He wrestled with Jones before Holly Holm gave him a very tough introduction to wrestling. In sum, he was a great sport and it was all for a good cause.

Fun and Games

In the clip above, you can see Steve-O wrestle with Jones. The man has done some crazy stuff in his lifetime, so it’s not surprising that he giggled the whole way through this. Most people would be terrified of ‘Bones,’ one of MMAs’ GOATS. Needless to say, Jones totally dominated him as you would expect.

But Steve-O definitely enjoyed the moment as he got up close and personal with Jones. Then they embraced in a show of respect with both men laughing. Who doesn’t like Steve-O?

The Preacher’s Daughter

However, there was more to come. Jones asked him if he wanted to have a go at rolling with Holly Holm. First of all, can we just appreciate Holm’s physical condition? The former bantamweight champion always looks to be in immaculate shape. You could also tell that Steve-O was more afraid of her than he was of Jones.

He went for the single-leg which Holm quickly reversed. Then she took him down and immobilized him before pounding the mats with her elbow to emulate ground-and-pound. It really makes you think about how lethal these fighters are and how an ordinary person just doesn’t stand a chance against them.

Good Spirit

Later, Steve-O got his own back when they went to a skatepark. He showed off his skills as Jones looked a little bit out of his depth. But credit to the UFC champion because he allowed Steve-O to do a skateboard jump over him. He lay down cool as a cucumber as the Jackass star hurtled over his body.

You’ve got to love the camaraderie and spirit from them, especially in these divided times. Most importantly, they handed out socks, dog food, and other essentials to those in need and less fortunate. It’s great to see Jones in the news for doing something good. He made headlines when he helped to disarm vandals who were trying to spraypaint buildings in the city.

‘Bones’ originally hails from New York but has spent most of his adult life in Albuquerque, where he trains in Jackson-Wink. As a result, he feels a strong connection to the city. For him, it’s him home and he’s loyal to it.