It’s hard to tell if a person can fight just by looking at them. Some people may look big and strong, but when it comes to fighting, they have absolutely no idea what to do. Others may not look so tough, but really know how to throw down in a fight.

One of the most unassuming fighters in the sport, 7-time UFC Veteran Tamdan McCrory.

1.) Crazy Pro Wrestling Choke

In our first street fight submission, two young men square off in a parking lot. One of the two has obviously done some form of training, but it is unknown what kind of funky secret ninja art he trains in. He first tries grabbing the wrist and twisting it while he punches, then throws a spinning back kick! He catches a kick and throws the opponent to the ground, then things get a little weird.

He gets to the mount position but keeps climbing above the other guys’ arms, basically sitting on his face. He throws short rabbit punches and then attempts some kind of shoulder lock. The guy on the bottom starts throwing kicks to the head, and they return to standing. Again, the skilled one catches a kick, and holds, and holds… and holds. He then grabs the other leg and spins around like a figure skater holding his partner.

Finally, he pulls the other guy up and wraps up what looks like a rear-naked choke. But wait! It’s not just an ordinary rear-naked choke, it’s some form of crazy new pro wrestling move that the world has never seen before! Check out the video below.

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