The man known as the fastest gun disarm expert, ex-marine, missionary and humanitarian passes his techniques on to school kids. The world needs more people like this guy…

The world is a sad and dangerous place at the moment, filled with fear mongers and stories of atrocities overseas and on the mainland. With terrorist threats at an all time high, and the governments/news channels making this worse, the general public is in a near state of panic.

Typically associated with these kinds of disgusting acts are schools, as they are a reasonably unsecured location housing sometimes hundreds of children at any one time. With the United States undoubtedly the top of the list of Western terrorism targets, their schools and public areas have been tightening up security in preparation for the worst.

Police USA
Many schools in the United States now have on campus armed police…

But there’s more than just heightened security in the form of cops in schools and other sorts of anti-terror detection systems and such, now there’s an expert travelling around passing on some of his techniques in the hopes of saving lives.

Meet Victor Marx, he is known as the official fastest gun disarm expert in the world, and he believes his knowledge can be used as an anti-terror tactic in schools around the U.S.


About Victor Marx

Victor Marx suffered at the hands of abusive step fathers as a young boy, before turning to drugs as an escape from reality. Soon finding the Marines and martial arts, Marx began to turn his life around.

Eventually earning a seventh degree black belt in karate, Victor retired from the marines and began his mission; to help people in need.

Not only is he a gun disarm and self defense expert, but a world wide missionary who helps children and other vulnerable people in war torn and poverty stricken countries. He is truly a legend and a modern day, and unsung hero.

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