This Denver correctional officer thought it would be a good idea to use his Taekwondo moves on a prison inmate. What was he thinking?

There are many raging debates about how prison inmates should be treated. Obviously the fact they are even incarcerated in the first place means they are potentially dangerous, so how is it they are supposed to serve their time?

Some believe that the term ‘correctional facility’ should mean more than just the building in which these prisoners are housed. For instance, why send a felon to a prison where he will just probably get worse, and end up coming back.

Perhaps the prevention is better than the cure? Anyway, we are getting off subject. This is Denver correctional officer and Taekwondo instructor Roberto Roena, pictured throwing the kick. Read the story and hit up the video of the incident:


Correctional officer Roberto Roena, 15-year department veteran, was notified of the suspension July 29 for the fight that happened in April 2013, according to a disciplinary letter issued by the Denver Department of Safety.

Roena was punished for using excessive force, making inaccurate and misleading statements about the incident and conduct that “compromised the mission of the Department.”

Roena was on court security duty on the afternoon of April 22, 2013, but he went to a cell block at the Downtown Detention Center to chat with other deputies. The disciplinary letter notes that it’s a jail unit for high-risk inmates who may be mentally ill or who have had prior behavioral problems in the jail.

In the video, inmate John Cardenas can be seen looking at Roena and other deputies talking in the corridor as the inmate hangs in the doorway leading to the cells.

Earlier, Cardenas had complained to deputies for cutting inmates time out of their cells from an hour to 30 minutes because of scheduling issues, the disciplinary letter said. Cardenas warned they would need more deputies and a Taser to get him back to his cell.

The deputies ignore him and continue talking.

Roena, who is also a taekwondo instructor, was telling other deputies how he practices martial arts to “stay in shape,” the letter said.

Reona takes a sip from a soda bottle, sets it down on a desk and throws a martial arts kick into the air.

According to the letter, Cardenas admitted saying “that isn’t a kick” and “you ain’t s—“.

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