The GOAT Just Claimed Another Brave Soul For His Roster of Victims… Artem Lobov Defeated Jason Knight in an Incredibly Exciting and Bloody Unanimous Decision… 

Only 15 men on this planet have managed to edge out the GOAT in MMA, so how did Jason Knight honestly expect to beat him when the gloves were off? The former UFC fighters faced each other on their bare-knuckle boxing debuts in what was an incredibly entertaining bout for all fans watching. The event took place in Biloxi, Mississippi, in the main event of BKFC 5.

If you like blood, sweat and grit, then this was the fight for you to watch. The two men poured everything into this one, with Lobov walking away with a unanimous decision victory. BKFC will be delighted because they’re really getting behind Lobov as a potential star. As Conor McGregor’s stablemate, you can see why.

Watch the highlights below of these two warriors going to town in a back-and-forth battle that saw Lobov win by 3 rounds to 2. It was a truly epic contest and the condition of both men’s faces after the war just shows what they went through. We don’t know how this sport is legal but we’re so happy it is. This is what Artem Lobov was put on this earth to do.


This was an epic battle and a story of blood and toil. Both men had their moments with Lobov getting dropped within 15 seconds. While Knight’s rangy long frame provided some problems for ‘The Russian Hammer,’ Lobov was able to counter with his pressure and sheer determination as he planted Knight on the ground three times.

Both men were absolutely mangled by the end of the fight with Knight’s face especially messed up. When you fight the GOAT you’re lucky to be left with a head nevermind a face, so that just shows how tough the Mississippi native is, as he fought in front of a hometown crowd.

Strong Finish

Knight was not happy with the decision, but in all honesty, it was probably the correct result. While he definitely finished stronger as the GOAT was visibly gassed out, all Lobov had to do was survive the round to win. You can’t get dropped three times and then complain you were robbed.

”We all know I didn’t lose that damn fight,” Knight said to cheers from his hometown crowd. “We all know I got robbed. It’s okay, I’m still gonna party tonight.”

You’ve got to love the spirit from ‘The Kid,’ who established a cult following during his time in the UFC.

Grudge Match

Lobov knows that he’s now got the chance to take on Paulie Malignaggi in a bonafide grudge match. Earlier in the week the two men squared off, with ‘The Magic Man’ slapping ‘The Russian Hammer’ across the face and backing away like a little weasel. Needless to say Lobov was bullish about his chances of beating the Brooklyn native. He said:

“He’s a little f***ing p***y that plucks his eyebrows. I’m gonna spark him.”

BKFC you have our attention.

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