Yes, We Know What You’re Thinking… It’s WWE So it’s Fake… This Story is Entirely Real… WWE Legend Bret Hart Was Attacked by a Fan While Giving a Speech After Being Inducted Into the Hall of Fame… UFC Fighter Travis Browne Jumped to His Defence…

Bret Hart is a legend of the pro wrestling world. He was being honoured for his legacy and dedication to sport in the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, alongside other luminaries of the WWE world including Triple H. However, some absolute melon decided that the smart thing to do was to attack the cancer survivor.

It was a disgraceful moment, made even worse by the timing as Hart was giving a speech about his fellow Hart Foundation member, the late Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Hart held championships from the 1970s through to the 2010s, with over 30 titles to his name.

Watch as he gets rushed by a so-called fan and sent flying from his seat. It’s a ludicrous moment and 100% unscripted, so don’t start calling it fake. Chaos erupted and Travis Browne, the UFC fighter, ended up punching the fan’s lights out.


As you can see from the clip above, this was a totally random attempted assault. The ‘fan’ rushed at him, sending Hart sprawling, as he stood beside his daughter Natalya. However, security was very quick to intervene. Apparently the attacker took quite the beating in the aftermath which is just what he deserved, because that was a disgusting thing to do.

Below you can see the WWE’s own official coverage, where they went on a blackout as soon as the attacker made contact with Hart. The moron deserved to get take out by security just for wearing that stupid hat.


Needless to say the reaction of fans and journalists all around the world has been to condemn the moron who thought that this was a good idea. Anyway, he got seriously manhandled as security, a number of professional wrestlers and even Travis Browne got involved in teaching the dude a lesson that he’ll never forget. At one point you can even see him take a punch to the face. He was definitely roughed up, but it was every bit deserved for his disgraceful action.

Luckily Hart was uninjured by the random assault and even went on to continue his speech. You’ve got to love him for being such a legend.


For his part, Hart took the fan’s intervention like an absolute boss. He continued is speech unfazed by what had happened. Then later on his Instagram story he basically laughed it off by writing:

“Not even a little technical difficulty will stop me from accepting this award tonight. Thank you.”

With the insane challenges that he has faced in his life, of course, something like this wouldn’t rattle him too much. But what sort of idiot do you have to be to embarrass yourself like that on TV? And what is it about the Barclay Center that makes people want to rampage?

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