Very interesting looking at this interview now, considering what’s happened this week…

Is this all feeling a little familiar? Just days before the biggest fight of the year, and Jon Jones is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. No, it’s not mid-2016 and UFC 200 fight week, this time it’s MayMac being overshadowed by ‘Bones.’

Managing to complete an epic career turnaround after some serious personal issues, Jones looked incredible at UFC 214. Sadly the high wouldn’t last, as it was announced this week Jones had failed the UFC 214 dope test.

According to USADA, the light-heavyweight king had anabolic steroids in his system.

Jon Jones celebrates victory after a tough rematch with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214…Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez for USA TODAY Sports

Dark Times, But Did Jones Kinda Admit it Already?

Shocking as it may be, this kind of drama is nothing new to Jon Jones. Without listing it all, Jones’ biggest troubles include hit-and-run, DUI, multiple failed drug tests and marijuana/cocaine addiction.

Interestingly, Jones’ post-UFC 214 interview gives a big insight to the saga in which he’s currently entangled. Watch as Jones talks to Michael Bisping about beating Cormier ‘off the steroids.’

Was it just a poorly worded answer, or does Jones’ comments and clearly nervous body language speak volumes?

YouTube video

Off The Steroids…?

Pure speculation, yes, but interesting nonetheless. Also newsworthy is the statement from the United States Anti Doping Agency. During a rare moment, USADA urged fans not to jump on the anti-Jones bandwagon:

“We can’t comment on an on-going case, but importantly all athletes under the UFC anti-doping program are innocent unless and until the established process determines otherwise,” a USADA spokesperson on Jones’ most recent test. “As part of this process, Mr. Jones is given the opportunity to be heard, confront and cross examine the evidence and have the ultimate decision of whether he violated the rules or not be decided by independent judges. It’s only fair to let due process occur before drawing any conclusions about Mr. Jones.”

Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa, was far less constructive with his response:

Malki Goes Ham

“The amount of hate that everyone has towards jon jones with out any due process is beyond me. The messages I keep getting saying to “drop him” or “don’t take up for him” goes to show me how low this society is.
I stand with bones!
For anyone to think I would “drop” him like Him and I aren’t brothers is stupid.
I know how hard he worked to get back to where he’s at. This is definitely heartbreaking. He def didn’t cheat or use steroids. But I’m with him more now than the night he won the belt…. being there for the good times is what everybody would do. But who’s really there when times get bad?
I hope that you people pick your friends, wives/husbands and close confidants based on real stuff. Not who can celebrate when you’re on top. I’m not sure why this is happening to him again, or how even, but We’ll get to the bottom of it.
To those of you that truly support my brother and I, thank you! To those of you who say “drop him” you’re not doing me any favors by saying that. You’re not my friend nor my family. So a big “fuck you” to you and your “support””

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