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Jose Aldo put his translator to the test at the UFC 218 weigh-ins…

Jose Aldo put his translator to the test after the UFC 218 weigh-ins yesterday. It’s possible Aldo wasn’t expecting her to give an exact translation of his words. On the other hand, the smirk on his face as she translated indicates maybe he did.

Aldo has the biggest fight of his career upcoming tonight. A win over Max Holloway is almost necessary for the 31-year-old former featherweight champion to remain in the championship mix. Another loss to Holloway would push him out of the 145lbs title picture until the champion has cleared out the rest of the division.

Neither fighter balked at the idea of making the bout on 3 weeks notice after Frankie Edgar was forced to pull out due to injury. Holloway proving he’s a fighting champion, and Aldo proving his focus is still on his fight career. Aldo has a history of pulling out of fights so his decision to accept this bout on short notice is indicative of his motivation to be champion again.

His odd choice of words at the weigh-ins also demonstrates just how determined the former champion is.

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Betting Odds for Holloway vs Aldo II

While Aldo might be motivated, he’s coming into this bout a big underdog. The latest odds have Max Holloway a -310 favorite. Considering Holloway was able to finish Aldo in the 3rd round at UFC 212, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Holloway’s victory on June 3rd, 2017 silenced the Rio de Janeiro crowd in Brazil while simultaneously solidifying Holloway as the new king of the division. The win, while deflating for Aldo, helped move the title out of Conor McGregor’s spotlight and into a new era. Tonight’s title fight will help determine what direction the division’s new era heads in moving forward.

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Can Jose Aldo Regain His Title?

Max Holloway’s last defeat inside the octagon was in 2013 to Conor McGregor. Holloway was only 21 at the time and still young in his UFC career. He’s won 11 straight since then including title fights against Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo.

For Aldo to defeat the current champion he is going to have to find the form he had before losing the belt to McGregor. We saw that Aldo again briefly against Frankie Edgar at UFC 200 but not at 212 against Holloway the first time. If that Aldo still exists, he will need to be out in full force tonight.

Jose Aldo’s Bizarre Warning to “the Grave Diggers”

After being asked about his difficult weight cut, here is what Jose Aldo said through his possibly uncomfortable translator

“I know I was in the right weight but I like to play that just to f**k the grave digger’s a**”

She was asked to elaborate…

He likes to pretend that just to f**k the grave-diggers straight up in the a**”

To paraphrase, it sounds as though Aldo was attempting to communicate that he was always sure he’d make weight but wanted to play head games with his opponents.

The assumption is that Holloway and his teammates are the “grave-diggers” and Aldo pretending to have a tough weight cut is his way of “f****ng them “straight up in their a**”.

UFC 218 goes down tonight in Detroit, Michigan’s Little Ceasars Arena.

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