Recently the Lingerie Fighting Championships announced that they plan to pursue Ronda Rousey if she is to retire from non-lingerie based martial arts.  The company sent out a press release stating their intention, which has earned the company a bit of a presence in the media recently.  The publicity the company received from the press release was naturally exactly what they were hoping for.


The LFC has acknowledged that the amount of money their fighters make is not as much as what Ronda would be used to making in the UFC, but believed that a deal with her could be struck up which would include shares of the company.  Representatives from the LFC believe that Ronda would make the perfect ambassador for their unique brand of sports entertainment.


The Lingerie Fighting Championships was created back in 2013 and have run 20 previous shows that also air on PPV.  There are no weight divisions and as advertised the fighters compete in lingerie and various states of undress.

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