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Nick Diaz’s Mugshot Has Been Released and a Court Date Has Been Set For the Californian…

Don’t expect to see Nick Diaz in action this side of Christmas. The Stockton fighter has been released from custody but will now face due process – which will not be quick. Diaz’s mugshot has also been made available for public consumption, you can see it below.

Diaz was arrested last Friday on charges related to domestic violence. He was specifically charged with battery by strangulation – a felony – and domestic battery. You don’t want that on your record as a professional fighter. It has also been alleged that he had taken cocaine before the attack.

The Californian is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC. After a lengthy hiatus and ban, Diaz was expected to make his return at some point this year, since been cleared by USADA. That’s not likely to happen now.


As you can see above, the mugshot is Nick Diaz going full Nick Diaz. He stares out at the camera, almost arrogantly. If he gets fired from the UFC he should actually teach seminars about how to pose for a mugshot, because that’s how you do one.

Compare the one above to the one below, taken after he was given a DUI for drink-driving. Diaz stares out, with a coy smile that would melt your heart. A lot has changed in four years.

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Official Statement

The UFC has released their own official statement related to the issue. The company has had to deal with a whole load of stupid decisions by high-profile fighters in the past, but credit to them: it’s innocent until proven guilty. Jon Jones and Conor McGregor are probably the two most obvious members of this club. The statement said:

“The organization does not tolerate domestic violence and requires all athletes to adhere to the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. Every athlete is deserving of due process and this situation, as with any official allegations, will be duly reviewed and thoroughly investigated by an independent party.”


According to one of Diaz’s friends, Matt Staudt, the charges are ludicrous and the alleged victim is a psychopath. Now there are always two sides to every story, so until due process unfolds it’s really hard to know. It’s just not good for a professional MMA fighter to lay his hands on any woman, no matter how ‘crazy’ she might be.

Diaz will be back in court on June 6. All we can do is watch this one unfold.

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