This is What Happens if You Don’t Properly Throw in the Towel… An MMA Coach in Germany Made a Real Mess of Things When He Accidentally Caused Chaos… 

MMA coaches get criticized regularly for allowing their fighters to take too much damage. It’s in stark contrast to boxing, where fighters will retire after rounds if they recognize they are severely outclassed. Sometimes the corner will make the decision for their guy because they’d sooner let him or her live to fight another day and be healthy.

Now and again though, a coach will intervene and stop the fight. One of the most famous cases was when Jason Parillo threw the towel in when Georges St. Pierre was brutalizing his fighter, the legendary BJ Penn. Boxers and MMA athletes can be their own worst enemies, so a coach has to be brave to take that step.

Enter this idiot in Germany, who made a real mess of things. He screwed up throwing in the towel, so he had to enter the cage to protect his fighter. This just created chaotic scenes, which you can watch below in all their glory.

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Messed Up

Felix Schiffarth was taking on Omer Solmaz at GMC 18 in Hamburg, Germany. The ludicrous scenes unfolded in round four of their featherweight title fight. Solmaz managed to gain top control and started to unleash a barrage of devastating ground-and-pound on his stricken opponent.

There was nowhere Schiffarth could go. All he could do was try to cover up and lie on his back eating savage shots. His coach recognized that the fight was finished. As the referee seemed content to watch Solmaz beat the living daylights out of his victim, Schiffarth’s coach did the right thing and threw in the towel. At least he thought he did…

Screenshot: Instagram.

One Job

How he managed to make of mess of this is anybody’s guess. You’d think throwing a white, inanimate object into a cage would be enough to get everyone’s attention, yet somehow he managed to land it on Solmaz’s leg. The fighter was in the moment so he just kept striking, while the useless referee just remained oblivious.

That’s when Schiffarth’s corner climbed the fence and entered the cage to save their fighter from the relentless beating he was taking. They shoved the referee out of the way and got Solmaz off their man. Obviously, the other side didn’t see it that way and waded in themselves to defend their fighter. Cue madness.

Screenshot: Instagram.


However, both sides quickly separated when Schiffarth was brought out of harm’s way. Solmaz’s fans stormed the cage and waved a Turkish flag, surrounding their hero, the new featherweight champion. It was incredibly chaotic but entertaining nonetheless. You’ve got to love it when these events throw up something mad like this.

It also just goes to show that even when coaches try to do the right thing they sometimes can’t catch a break. The real villain in this piece though is the referee, who should surely have intervened much earlier.

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