Georges St. Pierre has Conor McGregor in his sights…

When Georges St. Pierre announced his return to mixed martial arts, there was speculation he was looking to become a champion in multiple weight divisions. Neither GSP nor his team would confirm the rumors, they would only say he was returning to “make a big boom.”

Following the recent comments of one of GSP’s Tristar teammates, however, it appears GSP’s true motivations for his comeback will be revealed soon.

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Why Is GSP Returning to the UFC?

According to GSP, many factors played a role in his decision to return to mixed martial arts. While he has been hesitant to say it outright, the more stringent drug-testing which exists in the promotion now made the decision to return easier for Georges.

He had this to say recently regarding the differences between drug-testing before he left the sport and what it is now that he has returned.

“It’s a different set of rules now, I was fighting against a whole system back in the day. I was very outspoken about the drug problem that we had, people made fun of me, ‘ahhh, he’s a paranoid guy, he says that as a way to go and retire.’ But look what happened now … a lot of the UFC champions have fallen to the performance enhancing drugs, getting caught.”

In regards to his goals upon his return, GSP had this to say:

“I’m coming back to make history, to make a big boom,” 

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GSP To Call Out Conor 

According to GSP’s teammate, it’s likely GSP calls out Conor if he’s able to defeat Bisping on November 4th.

Olivier Aubin-Mercier was a guest on the Sports Network (TSN) in Canada recently and had this to say regarding what GSP might do after his bout with Bisping.

“I think what will be probable is that he will call out Conor after. That’s what I would do. I think for the UFC, it’s a really smart fight to do. It’s a win-win for them. Well, win-win, kind of, for short term.”

Whether a fight between Conor McGregor and Georges St. Pierre would take place at welterweight, middleweight or lightweight is unclear. Conor has fought in all 3 weight divisions and GSP has said he can get down to lightweight.

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Can GSP Win Titles In 3 Weight Classes?

““If I wanted to, I could fight at lightweight as well. Easy. Easy!“ – Georges St. Pierre on possibly dropping down to lightweight.

There are some who believe Georges’ ultimate goal is to win titles in 3 weight divisions. To do that he would have to defeat Bisping, then Woodley, and then challenge Conor at 155lbs.

“I walk around at 185, 190 pounds. I’m going to fight at 185 right now. I even know some guys who fight at 155 (who) walk around in the offseason at a bigger weight than I am, I can possibly fight in those three (155, 170, 185) divisions, but I’m back for one reason: I want to make history.”

These are lofty goals for someone who has been away from the cage for 4 years. Georges St. Pierre is an elite level athlete, however. If there is anyone who can pull something like this off, it’s probably him.

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  1. GTFO….GSP aint going down to LW. Easier said than done. He’s been fighting at WW for his ENTIRE career. Conor would have to go up.

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