After Conor McGregor’s gruesome remarks about Khabib’s father, Daniel Cormier who is the teammate of Khabib immediately called the Dagestani Fighter regarding the case. Cormier is one of the close friends of Khabib so it is only right to ask him if he is okay.

Cormier made a point saying that it doesn’t make sense for McGregor to make fun of Khabib’s Father that just passed away due to COVID. Not only that but weeks after his brutal loss where the high emotions are now gone. It is understandable to get emotional on the fight night itself but it took him weeks to trash talk Khabib.

Not only McGregor trash talk Khabib’s father but also Poirier’s wife. It is really sad to see McGregor go down to this level of behavior. He had a motto before that said “I’m cocky in prediction, I’m confident in preparation, but I am always humble in victory or defeat.” Money simply changed McGregor for the worst.

Cormier then added that McGregor needs help. He should seek help from professionals or else he will go down a hole where can never ever escape. Khabib won’t even fight him anymore and Poirier beat him twice, where is the humble fighter regardless of victory or defeat. He shouldn’t surround himself with Yes men.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

It is easy to be humble after a victory, the true test is when they suffer an adversity, that is when they show their true colors. McGregor achieved everything he ever wanted and unfortunately it changed for the worst. Fans hope he realizes his problems and seeks help.

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