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Mad Dog Took Out Another ‘Kung Fu Master’… And Like His Previous Victims, it Was Brutal…

The one-man war against fake martial arts has continued. Xu Xiadong – AKA Mad Dog – has claimed another scalp by taking on a so-called ‘pressure point Wing Chun master. Xu has made headlines in the past for beating up older traditional martial artists.

This has made waves in China where teachers of traditional martial arts are treated with a respect bordering on reverence. MMA is still not massively popular in the world’s most populous country but is seen as a hugely significant market.

Xu is doing his best to prove that MMA is better. This time he took out Lv Giang who claims that his lineage can be traced back to the legendary Ip Man. The ‘fight’ took place in Karamay, in Xinjiang, western China. Check out the footage of this extremely one-sided beating below.

YouTube video


This was another success story for Xu in his crusade to expose fake traditional martial artists. The fight – and we use that word loosely – only lasted for about a minute. There were only four striking exchanges. Lv Gang was knocked down by his bigger opponent three times.

Thankfully the referee finally called it off in the fourth exchange. Xu was landing punches at will on the hapless ‘Wing Chun master.’ This was a ridiculous mess. Xu mean-mugged his opponent for the next minute. For some reason, he was wearing face paint as well. It’s a totally bizarre situation.


MMA is spreading in popularity across the planet, and China is no different. Xu is determined to prove that the majority of martial arts in his native country are a load of nonsense. He went viral with a 10-second knockout of tai chi master Wei Lei in a gym in Chengdu. That was the first time he made headlines and it provoked outrage across the nation.

The pair went back and forth on Weibo – China’s most popular social networking platform – resulting in their one-sided match. Bizarrely, a number of traditional martial artists accepted his callouts on social media. His most recent previous scalp was Tien Ye, a 56-year old Kung Fu master who was offered a prize of $5 million if he could beat the MMA upstart. Of course, he didn’t and had a bandage wrapped around his head for most of the fight after being cut. It didn’t end well for him.

YouTube video

Massive Market

In mainstream MMA, the UFC looks to make gains in the Chinese market over the next couple of years. A number of UFC gyms will be opening across the country as they look to bring through more local talent. That should, in theory, produce more pay-per-view buys from the biggest market on the planet.

ONE Championship has got there before them though, so it will be interesting to see how the UFC gets on with this expansionist strategy. Mad Dog is there doing his bit for MMA. By the time he’s finished, there will only be MMA fighters left.

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