And Goodnight… Check Out This Absolutely Stunning Flying Knee KO From the Professional Fighter’s League… Movlid Khaybulaev Smashed Out Damon Jackson in Record Time in New York… This One Had to Hurt…

There are many MMA promotions out there right now trying to fill different niches and be exciting. You’ve got RIZIN and Bellator having cross-promotion fights. ONE Championship holds MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing fights on the same cards. Meanwhile, KSW has a whole host of crazy match-ups, including super-heavyweight fights.

That’s not even counting the likes of BareKnuckle FC which has signed a whole bunch of former MMA fighters to its roster. It’s difficult to make a wave in this crowded sea of promotions. However, the Professional Fighters League is doing its best to do something interesting.

It helps too if the fights are entertaining. And boy, some of them truly are. Check out this ludicrous 10 second KO by flying knee that went down the other night in New York. It’s quite frankly insane.


Movlid Khaybulaev demolished Damon Jackson in the first round of their fight. Ten seconds had just passed when Jackson found himself facedown on the floor. He rushed in on his opponent who responded by launching into a flying knee that totally flatlined Jackson.

The American fighter lay totally unmoving on his front, his face pressed against the ground. It was both terrifying and epic at the same time, and definitely the knockout of the week. This was Khaybulaev’s PFL debut. What a way to make sure that everybody remembers your first fight. This was a truly devastating way to knock out his opponent.

Million Dollar Prize

PFL has a very unique structure. As its name suggests it has a league structure, with the overall winners walking away with a cool $1 million. It starts off with athletes competing in a regular season format over seven regular events The best fighters in each division then go into a knockout playoff format.

One of last year’s winners was former UFC fighter, Sean O’Connell. This is a life-changing amount of money and it truly incentivises fighters to lay their bodies on the line. It’s definitely a very unusual structure compared to other promotions. PFL evolved from the World Series of Fighting. At the moment it is still seen as a second-tier promotion compared to the likes of the UFC, Bellator and ONE, but those $1 million prizes are a tasty incentive to join.

Full Results

For full results from a night of action in New York check out below:

Lance Palmer def. Alex Gilpin by unanimous decision.
Chris Wade def. Nate Andrews by unanimous decision.
Andre Harrison def. Peter Petties by unanimous decision.
Akhmed Aliev def. Carlos Silva by knockout.
Islam Mamedov def. Ylies Djiroun by split decision.
Rashid Magomedov def. Loik Radzhabov by unanimous decision.
Natan Schulte def. Bao Yincang by submission (rear-naked choke).
Luis Rafael Laurentino def. Jeremy Kennedy by technical knockout.
Movlid Khaybulaev def. Damon Jackson by knockout.
Gadzhi Rabadanov def. Steven Siler by unanimous decision.

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