When asked how much longer she plans on fighting, Ronda’s response was disheartening for fans, “Not that long, I’m wrapping it up,”

If Rousey is indeed planning on wrapping up her MMA career, it begins to make her comments regarding a possible bout with Cyborg make more sense. A fight with Cyborg, while profitable, could potentially be the last big fight of Rousey’s career. As we saw with Gina Carano years ago, Cyborg has a way of making big time fighters disappear.

from MMA Fighting
from MMA Fighting

Rousey might be thinking she has achieved all that is possible for her; not only the inaugural UFC women’s bantamweight champion, but also a pioneer for women in the sport. It would be difficult to achieve anything at this point that would improve a legacy already that impressive. So if accolades aren’t what Ronda is after in her return, her motives are most likely financial.

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Rousey has several big money fights she could take before retirement. After a fight with Nunes, Rousey would have potentially profitable rematches with Holly Holm and Miesha Tate lined up, not to mention an eventual super-fight with Cyborg.

That Rousey has, to some degree, planned her retirement is not a sign that she is coming into a fight with Amanda Nunes with the same attitude she had been coming into fights with previously. Rousey will have a very hard time getting by Nunes, Cyborg, Tate or Holly if that is the case.



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